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As you might know, a couple months ago my prelude got broken into and my head unit was stolen. I was fired soon after and couldn't afford a new headunit. So my sister gave me her stock one from her 1997 4dr Acura integra, it's the CD/Tape player. BUT, i need the anti-theft code and her car didn't come with a manual. I called a place yesterday and they never called me back. So i was wondering if anyone knew an easier way? Or is anyone a Honda/acura tech that could get it for me? Thanks!

posted by  XboxFPSKing

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posted by  GreekWarrior

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posted by  Inygknok

rip the radio out... write down the serial number and call the dealership... they will give you the code free of charged...

if you cant do that then have a friend do it... or be willing to pay $80 at the dealership for them to do it...


posted by  SunDown13X VR4

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