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Hi, i am 15 and i will be buying a car soon within a few months. I would like something that is rear wheel drive, something with a hand brake next to the shifer, i need it manual transmission, something to drift in but something that will be pretty fast. I was looking at some 240sx and i would like to know which year is a good one. Oh and can the car be something like a 6 cilinder or 8 cilinder engine, But if its a 4 il chek it out still. I just need it to drive and play around in. nothing really that siriouse.
Thanks, Kris

posted by  Kris

You're pretty ambitious for a 15-yr old.

I don't have any real suggestions. At least none that won't get you killed before you're legal...

posted by  MaChao

heh, i agree. just reading the "something with a hand brake next to the shifer" worried me big time. im not gonna suggest anything just cuz i think this kid is going to try to kill himself.

posted by  Inygknok

what about something with 2 rotors? well look into any sort of RX& you can find a FC for under $3000. A 240sx would be a good plan too, but yeah, If you're going to drift, make it rear wheel drive, screw the parking brake (actually drift), and please, please whatever you do, dont try to drift on the streets, learn on a track with someone who knows how to do it.

PS- you should get a roll cage if you're new and just accedentally go in too fast and corner too hard. just in case.

posted by  s13_Drifter

Thanks man and for the rest of you u gotta start somewhere so speak up. i Can drive a car alredy its not like im gona be doing 60 on my busy street. And yea whats a good year for the 240sx.

posted by  Kris

I'm with these guys, also.....You say that you want a 6 or 8 cylinder engine, yet you are enquiring about a 240SX....Maybe it's just me being stooopid lol...240SX's are extreamly reliable cars and will proove very exciting (especially on a wet road)...I would say a mid-late 80's version will do you proud, however, is money an object for you? :ohcrap: :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I can spend around up to $6,000. Did anyone see the mustang svt cobra those have a lot of power a v-8 what do you guys think. buyt its too expensive.

posted by  Kris

Why not a Ferrari?? :laughing:

Joking Apart. For your needs a 240 comes in mind, cause that would be the best choice!

If you' re really want a V8, get a late seventies or early eighties Corvette or a mid nineties BMW 540 - both are possible for 6.000 bucks. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

its one thing to know how to drive a car. its a whole different thing to know how to control a car, and its even a completely different story to know how to control a powerfull car and your desire to race against every guy that stops next to u. thats why im getting a bad vibe from this thread.

posted by  Inygknok

Ok the thing that i dont understand is that why is everyone scared or thinks that I will kill myself. Doesent everyone have to start somwhere?? And if im going to try to drift anywhere it wil be a track ar a big parking lot. There is no wayyou can do it on a street, there is just not enough room to swing the back and then controll it. There might be but theres car in the way driving and you never know what they will do once they see you drift, they might try to get out of the way but screw it up. so i am asking you (they guy with the older supra picture on his post, Can you please let me get a car that i wil love and be able to keep for a few years like 5... AND STOP BEING LIKE MY MOTHER!!!lol :laughing:

posted by  Kris

yeah you are pretty ambitious. heres my reccomendation. how bout a piece of junk? it'll save you on cost, and insurance, because how likely are you to wreck your first car (if youre like me, VERY likely). make the first one a crapper, and youll thank yourself later.

posted by  WrxManiac

First of all, I agree that "everyone has to start somewhere." Hell I'm only 18 and I'm pretty lucky for my car. But let me make a point - where I live, the minimum age to hold a driver's license is 16. Don't take offense to this, but I can't let this chance pass me up! :mrgreen: Why don't you start with a driver's license? (My smartass self just HAD to say it. :wink2: )

Anyways, there's more to drifting that just pulling the handbrake and turning the steering wheel. Now I've never tried before, but I can presume that it's going to be very hard on your tires. So even it you practice drifting in a huge lot somewhere, you're still putting your life in danger if you don't replace your tires enough. And being 15, I have doubts as to where your gonna find the $$ to do that. So you have to drive somewhere and it just happens to be drizzling outside? Well I pray nothing bad will happen with your worn tires.

Secondly, practicing in an open lot may be safe and all, but there are other factors. If you're going to do this in someone else's property, the owner can call the cops and they might ticket you for something...trepassing? Reckless driving? And being 15, you can have your license suspended or revoked for years.

Sure I hope you don't get killed. I hope you do find a great car. All I'm saying is don't think that all you need to drift is a car. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to stop you from having fun or learning how to drive or whatever. Just don't be rash in whatever you decide to do.

And this is not just about drifting. Imagine it from our point-of-view. Someone comes here, says he's 15 years old, and wants POWER POWER POWER and wants to do all kinds of stuff that the pros do on TV and magazines with modded cars, helmets, suits, roll cages, and more importantly - years and years of practice and experience. Not very encouraging.

posted by  MaChao

Hey how about a bmx from 1994 the 789i i think thats it. well its a 8 banger. is that any good. Ok im sure everyone here has enough of me and hopes i die in a car crash so ill stop asking.

posted by  Kris

I recommend something with AWD. That means basically no drifting, but that isn't something someone with your level of experience should be doing.

Front mounted engine + Rear Wheel Drive = Bad for beginners

posted by  abless

First of all I agree with you, I to am a young driver looking for his first car and I am thinking of getting a R32 GTR but I'm not going to drive it like a maniac, what I’m saying is if you respect your car it will respect you.

posted by  GreekWarrior

thing is, i have encountered many ppl like u in the past. some have been kids thinking power is everything while others are older people who are just plain stupid. i have heard this "i am going to be responsible" krap many many many times, but i know its always BS. there is this friend of mine i have talked about a lot before around here, Jay the Prelude drift king (thats wat he thinks he is anyways). for those of u who remember the things i have mentioned about him, well, 4 days ago (Thursday) he managed to get his car under a truck, yes, a truck. ill show pics asap. hes 19 and a religious person, so u can imagine how strict he is sometimes, and still manages to pull off stunts like these. this was just in a 160hp automatic car, and an FF model to top it off. just imagine wat a little kid who is ambitious can do with 8 cylinders and an FR layout.

its not that im trying to be yo momma or anything. its just that i know trouble when a kid goes around asking for just raw power for the wrong reasons and with bad ideas on his/her mind.

posted by  Inygknok

How about a early supra like the 89 or something liek that like the one on the picture of that of that guy (one on top of this post)?

posted by  Kris

yes, we all have to start somewhere. the key is "start." And it sounds like you want to "start" with a powerful sport coupe. Sorry, BAD idea.

Unfortunately, too many kids think that because they have good game playing skills, they can get into a 3000 lb vehicle and push the laws of physics. It's just not going to happen. Forget spending $6k on a car to "start" with. get a much cheaper, much slower car, and take it to the track. I know you guys completely skipped running the Demio in GT3, but that's where you need to be. And if you want to learn drifiting, you need a car you can afford to throw away.

For example, I started with a $150 RWD Pinto 2 liter and went autocrossing until I could make that car go around the course as fast as the faster cars. then I moved on to a big block Torino and a 302 powered Mustang that taught me everything I needed to know about a fast, RWD car. Wasn't pretty, but it was fun. I was also 18 and had been racing for a year already... (this was a $1500 car...)


I've been an SCCA driving instructor, and I've seen too many first timers think they can control a car at speed and simply are not capable behind the wheel.

posted by  ChrisV

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