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Hi, well i am looking at posibly getting a new car, I have this think for classics but feel that i have a duty to protect them from every day use. Currently i have a '95 Fiat Tipo for my every day hum drum, and was planning to get my fathers '00 Xantia 110 Hdi, but due to the house needing a new roof then its not going to be available for another 6 months or so (why are roofs so damm expensive, £22k). so i have decided to take a diffrent tack.

Really like the look of both of the cars particually the front of the mitsu but they dont do a coupe both are about the same money for a 99/'00, the honda is cheaper to insure (£1300pa) mitsu (£1800pa). If i buy a honda then im likely end up buying a landy 110 aswell to throw all my sailing/ racing kit in.

The mitsu looks quite sporty even in an estate and the 2.4 GDI looks like it woudnt be to bad as an allrounder for towing, load space and flying along the motorway for work.

Any other surgestions (Grp 14 is about the limit for insurance)

posted by  cinqyg

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