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Finally... they've seen sense and facelifted what was quite possibly the ugliest car in the world!! Those front lights are ridiculous, the car looks like a caricature of what a fast car should look like...

and what a horrible, horrible rear wing!! again the caricature point... the rear lights are improved though... lets be truthful, its still not much of a looker is it? :?

posted by  Loophole

Yo I dont give a damn...da WRX is a raw as hell car...Its one of da fastest car for its price range and isnt that bad looking, especialy if you hook up the exterior...I've seen some nice WRX's and they are beautiful cars...

posted by  JDM-Racer

i love that new look, it looks so much better than the previous version

posted by  mazda6man

i think that the wrx looks much better now, but it is still inferior to the Lancer Evolution, whether its suspension or engine power, or looks. The Lancer has beaten out the Wrx Sti every single year in the World Rally Championships. hahaha, take dat imprezza lovers!!

posted by  fury604

The Impreza was just fine before its previous facelift. If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it, although now the latest facelift is like Subaru were trying to fix something. They might as well have changed the Impreza back to how it was instead of making it look like it does in those pictures. I'm not "imprezed" lol

posted by  snoopewite

Quote from a Magazine "here in Japan, we don't give a f%$ about Subaru"
Thats the wise words from Trust Head Engineer.

Btw, Dont mind Wrx's or Liberty GT

posted by  57ock

sure it looks better than it did before with those shitty round lights but its still not really very appealing. its four cylinder boxer engine is pretty good but thats only for the top of the range impreza. any mid ranged straight six import will kick its ass

posted by  supraking

Keep in mind, in the U.S. we dont get Skyline's, and at about 20k the WRX looks pretty good over here(although if your budget is 30k the Evo VIII is better than the STi).

posted by  JDM Enthusiast

fact is, you cant do that much about a four cylinder car, thats why supras and skylines are so much better: simply because of the possibilities and the potential

posted by  supraking

they are not as fast as the EVO man, but WRX's are phat ill give you that,

posted by  S2000Boy

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