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Hi, yea its me again the annoying kid. Well if you guys just help me ill be out of they way. Ok i need some tips on driving, not racing just driving around the city like when to turn on the turn cignal or like some tips when drivig on a loaded busy street. Also if you guys are kind enough to help me on my instructional permit test that would be great. I have reat that book that they give you but i think im going to fail it. So if you just give me a few things i will have to know or some driving tips i will be thankfull and leave you alone.

posted by  Kris

The biggest thing you have to do when driving is pay attention. Be aware of what people around you are doing and wether or not that truck up ahead is going to cut you off. Leave your self some space in between you and everybody possible. And don't talk on your phone, change the radio station and try to shift all at once. It's all right to talk on your phone as long as your not just shooting the breeze with your friend and starting to veer off into another lane or anything stupid like that. Thats my biggest pet peeve, inattentive drivers who run reds because they were to busy eating to look at the light or change lanes without checking that there is some one near them.

As for all the techninical stuff, your supposed to turn on you signal about 100 feet before a turn. My instructor said that just as long signal blinks at least 4 times before you start to turn you should be good.

As for the test, I never actually took one. My instructor just signed off saying I had all my hours and a (& on the test. I had only diven 3 out of 50 hours and never took the test. I didn't bribe him or anything, he was just to lazy to actually do his job properly.

And don't race on busy streets or during the day around other cars., And don't drift on streets at all. Race at night away from other cars and drift i an empty secluded parking lot somewhere in the boonies.

Peace out man, be safe! :smoke:

PS: Floatin on by Modest Mouse has to be the coolest songin a long time...I'm sorry, it's on the radio while im typin this.
All right all ready, were all floatin on....

posted by  Zalight

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