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hey i have a mitsubishi mighty max truck that i want to swap motors from a turbo eclipse but with the truck being rear wheel drive an the car being front wheel drive would the motor sit in the truck right? please if you know if it can be done or not let me know i only have a limited time to get a hold of this engine for this price. thanks :banghead:

posted by  MAXXD MiTsU

you could always make the truck AWD and use all the running gear from the eclpse... i think... i dont know exactly though

posted by  mazda6man

Anything CAN be done, the only question is is it worth it. In this case, that's probably a big "no" unless you're good at fabricationg things yourself (liek strong motor mounts). You need a custom fabricated intake manifold to point the throttle body the opposite direction (the stock one would be stuffed into the fierwall when the engine is turned longitudinally). Custom turbo mounts need to be made, a Buschur Racing adaptor to the trans will have to be made (and it adapts to an automatic, as it's really a drag race only applicaion), as well as a custom Buschur flexplate. And that's only a start. Custom wiring to make the Eclipse engine management work in the truck will have to be fabricated, etc.

But, it's been done in numerous Starions, so you should be able to do it yourself if you really, really want. eng2.jpg

posted by  ChrisV

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