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Has anyone heard of one of these? I was talking to few of my co-workers and they were talking about them and I was wondering if anyone has one or have heard of anything about them. It might just be a scam like the tornado, ect but you never know. I think it works be spinning/pushing the air in the cold air intake. It goes right between the filter and intake manifold. If anyone could tell me more about this I would appreciate it. Thanks.

posted by  240RB20DET

there are a few models of these actually.... only one i have heard of has come out with some success. i dont remember exactly how it worked cuz its something i havent talked abou that much. its a pretty neat thing to have, not a big deal though. it has been proven to work, the one i saw atleast. its only drawback is that it needs to be recharged alot by buying a better alternator.

posted by  Inygknok

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