need some help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i wud aprecciate ur thoughts on what would b a good car for me. ill b 16 in nov and i want a car that has some hp, good mpg, and is reliable. i know there are already topics on this, but they didnt answer all my ?s. i honestly dont know that much about cars. id like to keep it under $5000(just for the car). wud a 92-95 civic b good, then get rims and a body kit???? i want it to look good then work on the performance of it. but like i said i dont know what to do!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!

posted by  ratimpyuser

how can u say that ur questions havent been answered by reading all the old threads in these forums? we have probably answered this question so many times, and even explained possible mods done to many cars under $5k. just look for all the older supras, dsms, nissans, etc etc threads all over the place.

posted by  Inygknok

yea, man

posted by  mischa

$5k or less? I don't know of any cars that might run in that range. I guess you should do some hard research before asking opinions on the forums, as what some things that may be said may not fit your situation.

If I were you, I'd check the local newspaper classified and get a general idea of what year, makes, and models you come across the most that are in your price range. Then do some research (on power, reliability, etc.) from there...

posted by  MaChao

ya i guess i should of reasearched more...sorry bout that!!!! but thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by  ratimpyuser

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