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Are skylines legal in canada, if yes where might I be able to get one I am intrested in buying one.

posted by  TwinTurbo

From what I've heard as of now Skylines are not legal in canada but you can probably have it shipped from Europe to the States because Canada doesnt allow importing of skylines because they dont comply with their regulations so they are very strict...But even if you could it costs about 100K for a base R-34 and another 20K to legalize and I dont even know shipping charges...

posted by  JDM-Racer

pfff what bs numbers..

through motorex you can get a skyline already setup to meet u.s standards for 90k and thats THrough motorex, goto japan and do it yourself you could do it for alot cheaper. ALOT

posted by  Arthur


I can import you Skyline from Japan. CHeck out my new website at and email me if you have questions.

posted by  Indigo_Hammer

Arthur, you do not know anything. You cant do it yourself just like that, there is a reason why motorex is one of the few companies that can import Skylines. They have gone through tests, and many modifications are done to the car to comply with American Laws. Motorex is the most Legit way you can do it. You can do it yourself, but be ready for spending alot of money, wasting a lot of time and not driving the skyline very much. Sure you can buy a skyline for around 20k usd in Japan, but around 4000-7000 to ship, not to mention duty taxes, modifications, insurance is every pricy on one of those things, and that is if you can import it by yourself which is highly unlikely. Best way is to go through import companies like Motorex, sure you have to pay more, but its peace of mind. There will be no one day a guy in a suit knocks on your front door and tows your car away for breaking 10 American Motor Vehicle Laws. And I live in Canada, it is not possible to get a skyline into Canada unless its 15 years or older. Of course you can import one for racing purposes, but it is impossible to license. Not improbable, impossible, they will not let you under any circumstances. You'll be lucky if you are able to get it through customs much less license it.

posted by  aerith

aerith is right on the money.

posted by  Indigo_Hammer

Is that why motorex is IN BIG TROUBLE
look into it
I bought mine from TurboVisions

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

the skyline is not worth 40k let alone 100k! WAY over rated. Ask the people who can buy them like in europe or japan. Not what us American folks talk them up to be.

posted by  Low Impedance

yeah I bought mine for 14k r32gtr

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

14K = understandable
100K = your ****ing retarded

posted by  Low Impedance

LOL LOL LOL :orglaugh:

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

I heard that R32's are legal in Canada and not the newer ones, but I don't know if it's true :2cents:

posted by  RusMan

15 year rule :thumbs:

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

Here in Canada I can bring in the 1989 R32's and I am currently looking into how I can bring in parts cars that are newer and see if I can build one. Not getting very good answers from the government. No one wants to make a decision so they can be held accountable, but I will keep trying. I can get anything that is more than the 15 years old here.

RusMan do you live in Canada, if so, where?

posted by  Indigo_Hammer

ok like a month ago a nissan dealer in naples near my house got a skyline brand new and totally emission legal and sold it for $112K but i dont know what the profit was there thats just the sale price

posted by  8G Galant

well.... they made alot of money on that one..... :orglaugh:

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

So how much would a new Skyline cost from another country, before doing the modifications?

posted by  Indigo_Hammer


posted by  Rockn-A-T88

go to

posted by  gtr_man

posted by  JDM Connection

from what i've researched, skylines have to be 15 years old to be imported to canada..but one question i have is.. are we allowed to import a skyline that is not 15 years old to the states, then have it driven to canada...its annoying how we can't own 1999 skylines. here in ottawa. i think only 4 people own skylines.

posted by  SloMoBullet

Damn, here in Peterborough i've only seen one, and it was an early 90's one. Peterboroughs not known our huge number of sweet/expensive/rare cars.

posted by  car_crazy89

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