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Hey everyone.

I have a 1988 Honda Accord LXi and have a check engine light that keeps coming on. Does anyone know exactly where the ECM is located and How to code it out? The light will come on a few minutes after startup and stay on. The car starts fine cold and will restart after its warm on short trips, sometimes it cranks a while before it restarts and you have to hold the gas pedal down half way but it will go. When the light comes on the car will idle down to about 600rpms (in gear) and then surge up to about 1500 rpms and them return to low idle, this is with your foot on the brake. It is an automatic, also after warm restart you will sometimes smell gas fumes. I know about the charcoal canister and it seems to be ok no cracked lines or anything like that. I have put new cap, rotor, sparkplugs, fuel injector seals o-rings, cushion rings. If anyone has any Ideas it will be greatly appreciated.


posted by  cereal307

I'm not really sure about the ecm codes. Have you checked your plugs for the correct gapping or crack in the dist cap? As far as the gas smell, I have an 87 Accord lxi. Where is the charcoal canister? I have the same prob every now and then.

posted by  ciccmga

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