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Hi well i am for sure im getting the 240sx at a dealer with kinda older cheaper cars. he will sell it to me for 1350 dollars. It has 140,000 miles on it. And now theres a lot of money left over around 2000 dollars for preformance parts. So please help me with parts i should get for drifting. The 240sx is a 1992. And also i wanna waist every peny so keep listing the parts. OH OH and because i bet half of you will not tell me because i wont be used to driving it liek that im going to wait like 2 weeks and then get parts. So its time to lite a cig :smoke: and go on ebay or :laughing:

posted by  Kris

how bout u just check out the rest of the forums? info on engines and engine mods can be found all over the place. as for real drifting mods, the real thing u need is a very kick ass suspension and very precise settings and very good tires. getting a good suspension wont be enough, thats why im gonna say it again, VERY PRECISE SETTINGS, AND VERY GOOD TIRES. while drifting, tires wont last that long, trust me. u may think $2,000 is alot of money, but for drifting, it doesnt even come close, atleast not if u wanna do it the right way and make the car last.

posted by  Inygknok

Like Ingyknok said, just work on suspension at first.

posted by  Zalight

Would i be able to drift with stock suspension. And do i really neeed to get slick drifting tires. Although it would be cool to go a 2 hour burnout lol.

posted by  Kris

A good drift depends more on your driving ability (I guess you have :laughing: ) than on suspension mods. On the other hand it's always good to have the right tire. Unfortunately I don't know some for your car. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

probably the best thing to have to drift would be rather reliable suspension (stuff breaks) and you dont need slicks, just decent tires so you can controll the drift, but be able to get into the slide at the same time... and ofcourse you need the knowhow...

posted by  mazda6man

hi i think i would know how to get into a drift but let me just tel you if i actually do know. At fitst accelerate then turn twards the drirection you are going to do the drift, then pick up the hand brake and slam it back down put more gas in to get it to swing and stay swinging the back and then once the car swong itself tward the direction turn the wheel the opasite way enough to mak the car drift but now go into a u turn or to mess up. i guess you just gotts feal it. So is that how you would do it?

posted by  Kris

...thats technically a way... but i hardly recognize it as a drift... more like "e-brake" no drift ...IMO

posted by  mazda6man

btw... there are many ways to drift

posted by  mazda6man

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