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Hey if you want a free iPod or Free FlatScreen Monitor go here --> http://www.freeipods-and-flatscreens.cjb.net/ ... This is not a scam ! How this works is when you sign up you must complete a offer. When you complete a offer the company makes money and after you complete your offer just get 5 more people (for the iPOD and 8 more for the FlatScreen) to do a offer then you will get your iPod/FlatScreen within 6-8weeks. Everything is free even the shipping... When you go to that site make sure you right click the picture on the left and paste it into a paint program to see the full image of the picture .. thats PROOF IT WORKS !! I got my iPOD already now im working on getting my FlatScreen. If you need help just e-mail me my e-mail is at that site as well. http://www.freeipods-and-flatscreens.cjb.net/ . Good Luck on getting your FREE iPODS AND FLATSCREEN ! :thumbs:

posted by  tdo700

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