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Hey guys my first actual post here so hope fully you can help me out i tried searching for the answer but couldnt find it i just got a 2001 gsr 5-spd ohh do i love it but its all stock and i have been looking at upgrades i have a few thigns in mind but some time in the near future i would like to turbo charge it it has 63,000 miles on it and will be a daily drive will i need to redo the internals to turbo charge it and by how much would it affect the life of the engine

posted by  xmotox

I've never turbocharged an engine so I couldn't tell you 100%, But I know you have to do ECU work and you might have to upgrade to strengthened internals. But I don't think you have to if you run low boost.

One of the smartypants on the forums can tell you for sure, ingyknok, thunderbird1100, chrisV, bavarianwheels, cliffy... They can all help you better then I.

posted by  Zalight

Thanks anyways hopefully someone else can help me and the main reason im asking this question is because i haev heard the a motor with that many miles on it shouldnt be turbo charged is that true or not

posted by  xmotox

smartypants.... lol....

as far as 63k miles go, thats pretty good. im sure the GSR engine can hold up some boost power with stock internals. not sure how much, but i would guess around 4psi max for daily driving. that should keep the car living for a while, provided that yea, the ECU gets tuned properly (PROPERLY).

posted by  Inygknok

hey guys thanks alot for the info i think ill get a turbo and run low psi like you were saying until i can redo the head ill post some pics once i get it installed thnx

posted by  xmotox

Me being a Honda nut-bag I might help you here a bit.

The B18c1 GS-R motor is an excellent, fun and strong motor. The head on it flows a bit more than the B18b head and has vtec. The compression is also a bit higher, which doesn't exactly help in turbocharging, but we can work with it. I've noticed on GS-R motors you CAN run safely 7psi (no MORE than 7psi) on a fully stock engine with no ill-effects on the engine majorly. A turbo-kit is what you'll need.


I recommend the Drag Gen 3 kit with the T3/04e turbo. This i've noticed to be an EXCELLENT turbo for street/strip use. Isnt harsh at all and spool time is usually quick. This should make you go from around 145ish fwhp to around 215-230fwhp with this kit bolted up and having a new exhaust @ 7psi. The only thing that doesnt come in the kit that i would deem needed is new injectors (440's will do fine and cost about maybe $400-$500). If you have any-more questions let me know.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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