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I was wondering what some people thought about Scion. Good idea from Toyota? Bad idea? Leave your comments.

And which Scion would you buy if you had to get one?

posted by  moostang104314

Scion is a good idea. Its allowing Toyota to reach a younger generation. Face it, when was the last time you saw a teen buying a camry or 4runner. If Toyota wanted to capitolize on the teen market it meant releasing new vehicles with a different image. Whats the best way to get a new image? Make a new company.

Even though the first two scions were just imports from japan, they simply renamed a Dihatsu and slapped on a few differences. The TC isn't a horrible car, I mean i never driven one but I've seen all sorts of crap about them and they seem pretty cool.

But I would still take an Xb, they just look like nothing else out there, in america that is.

posted by  Zalight

i think its a damn good idea. younger generations are actually enjoying the looks of the vehicles. also, it seems that the quality of the vehicles is outstanding, though it is Toyota, but Scion seems to have been even beyond expectancies. the style is great, the idea is great, and the aftermarket is giving full support.

i would get teh xB, just cuz it would be the kind of big vehicle that isnt lowered to the ground that i seriously would love to take my friends around in. i wouldnt care about a BMW, nor a Benz, not even a 4 door Supra (like an IS300 packing a 2JZ-GTE). i would honestly prefer an xB, mainly cuz im sure it offers a very smooth ride, plenty of space and comfort, n it must be just plain enjoyable. looks damn good too.

posted by  Inygknok

Scion Idea = good

Execution with the xA and xB = bad. :puke:

however, theyre redeeming themselves in my book with the tC. now that's a cool car! :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

My friends and I are all right on target for Scion marketing. None of us really desire them because we've grown up around used cars, and for what it costs to get a new scion, you can get used performance vehicle.

the xA deserves no comment
the xB is very interesting and I think it would be fun to cruise in.
the tC probably falls into my beef with body lines
but i haven't checked.
the tC just looks like a copy of every other car currently on the market, imo.

i'd take the xB.

posted by  mischa

DAMMMNN more than any other car i've seen. maybe it could be called original!

does anyone share my annoyance with these body lines around the wheels?

posted by  mischa

I like the name Scion. I don't question the quality of the cars.

What does the styling for the xA and the xB do for me? Absolutely nothing. But just because I don't like the cars' designs doesn't mean I totally diss the cars. It's like me and BMWs. Well, the BMW designs are growing on me. But the xB will always be ugly.

My favorite is definitely the tC. And I think Scion will have a big impact on younger generations. Their models give unique styling, good interior space for carrying people or luggage, they are cheap (or "competitive") cars, and they have remarkable mpg (much better than my 18/22 IS300!).

posted by  MaChao

scion = all the best from toyota : style , performence , reliability , quality, comfort.
in a younger package and style .

toyota is the best no doubt ! :smoke: :hi: :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  ILdriver i dont really dig them but that doesnt say a fan of domestics. but they arent bad cars. now saying they have good performance is a lie. the tc might be quick, but its not fast. good handling.....maybe but good enough to brag about....probly not. good cars for those who like that sorta thing.

posted by  Pac127

"Performance?" Not quite...108hp engines on the xA and xB. 160 on the tC is comfortable, but barely passing 100 on 66.6% of your total model lineup doesn't make give the company performance props from me.

posted by  MaChao

like i said, you can buy a real performance car with the amount you pay for a Scion

posted by  mischa

xA = heap
xB = good idea for those space concious
tC = excellent value

Would I get any? Probably not. I wouldn't thionk of getting a xA, I'd get most any SUV or truck over the xB and i'd get a base RSX over the tC. Checked out the new RSX-S for 2005?

Changes include :

4.39 final gear to a 4.77
70lbs added
Sway bars F/R old: 23mm/19mm new: 26.5mm/21mm
steering ratio old: 15.1:1 new: 14.9:1 (it already has tight steering)
16x6.5 -> 17x7 wheels
205/55 r16 -> 215/45 r17 tires
hp rating old: 200hp new: 210hp
tq rating old: 142ftlbs new:143ftlbs
7900rpms -> 8100rpms

Now for the mechanical changes:

ITR camshaft
ITR intake manifold
Larger throttle body
Higher flow exhaust


Revised look of gauge cluster with white faced gauges
Low profile spoiler standard on Type-S
Revised Type-S suspension with lower ride height
Revised front leather seats
New front fascia, rear bumper section, and side skirts on Type-S
New 3-segment headlight cluster with tinted housing
New red taillights (no amber)

Now as you can tell, it's going through quite a few changes. Obviously if one thing stands out it's the new suspension and wheel/tire upgrade. This will probably come off as the best handing FWD now (the major hinderance of the current RSX-S is the crappy and small all-season tires). Now you're probably saying 'only 210hp'. I say the same, but then again, look at the mods...It EASILY gets 10hp from just the camshafts...intake manifold another 10hp easily...larger throttle body is hard to gauge without a particular size, but lets just be conservative and say 3-5hp...lastly the exhaust, again hard to gauge with size specs, but lets just say 5hp again. Put it at around 225-230hp, and with that final gear, puts it pretty damn fast in acceleration. The RSX-S already right now will do 14.80s, this one I'm easily thinking will get into the 14.40s range with the final gear, more power, and better tires. Now I really want one.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The new RSX sounds pretty sweet!

posted by  moostang104314

And people wonder why I have been raving on and on about it for months :)

posted by  thunderbird1100

When thinking about a new car i was really deciding between three main choices, The focus SVT, the RSX type-s, and the SE-R spec V

I decided on the spec V because The SVT had too many problems related to it, the DSI cable, the clutch was weak, other random stuff. And for some reason the RSX just didn't seem as good as the Spec V when I test drove the two. The RSX seemed one step below the Spec-V on almost everything. I know it had 200horsepower but it only dynos at about 155-160 at the wheel and the torque dynos at a horrible 120. But After everything they are doing to it for 2005 I'll have to check it out again.

I always thought the RSX looked better at least, I still really love the practicallity of having a sedan though...tough choice.

posted by  Zalight

Another thing to consider is that the RSX-S wont have the torque steer like the SE-R has, gun it in a SE-R and ALL you're going to do with the 2.5 is spin the wheels and make it impossible to control (MAJOR problem on the newer SE-R). 155-160 is REALLY low... Personally I havent seen a dyno graph below 165 on the stock Type-S with an average of 170fwhp..seen 187fwhp from JUST an intake. 120 also seems low, i've seen more around 130ish.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I finally got my tC last week and I'm very happy with it... I'm also happy about the price and all of the options available for it by TRD et al. right out of the gate! I'm looking forward to the supercharger, which is slated for a Nov. release... Aside from the S/C, everything has been tested on other vehicles, so there's less concern about reliability than w/ the xA & xB...
A lot of people are saying that they'll retain their value more since each Scion model will only be made for about 3 yrs & then retired, so the line will stay fresh :)

posted by  ScionicXTC

Heck, Reliability is never a factor needed to be considered when buying a Toyota

posted by  thunderbird1100

scion is some sort of move on a "street racer" market thats now developing in the US. it is working really well for toyota when it comes to profit. the xA and the xB are the worst things in the world but the tC is ok.

posted by  s13_Drifter

Scions are the best (except for that xB model....what were they thinking? Well guess every family has to have an ugly stepsister!) Anyhow, I love my xA and wonder why they didn't name the third one xC...too hard to say or does tC mean something?? Let me know if you know. Incidently anyone else notice that even though they aimed for the younger market, the older market is buying the Scions like they are going out of style??

posted by  Phantom

scion... the ultimate maker of the ricer mobiles... j/k

the tc isnt so bad, nor the xb, i was in an xb last week and it was HUGE inside, like a living room. i would like it as a party car and as a mile muncher

posted by  High Octane

xC wasn't used because Volvo has a line out w/ that name & tC stands for Touring Coupe ( :thumbs:

posted by  ScionicXTC

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