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I've been really getting into a 240 lately, and i've actually found a cheap one that i can probably buy. What I wanted to know is how fast a stock 240SX except with a SR20DET will go, like 0-60 and 1/4 mile. Thanks

posted by  BobDoleX

I'm assuming with a STOCK sr20DET as well, correct? Well, with a new exhaust (which is almost essential) it should run low-middish 14s with a S13 or S14 sr20det. 0-60 ? who cares, magazine time.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hi, I work for a company called TRTautotech and we could get you anything and everything for that car. If you need anything give us a call at 718-819-0801. We handle anything from body kits to performance. Name brand and off brand.

posted by  TRTautotech.com

if u people know ne thing ABOUT the 240 liek i do then i fu want all that power u need a rear wheel limited slip differential so u have the possi trac other wise there nto that great stock motor 2.4 and u only have top speed at 110 and ur motor will cutt u off at about 114 so get ur self a sr motor 2500 after shippin an install maybe cheaper if u find somone to do it cheaper
well worth it

posted by  jojoss


posted by  b_DuB13

it is really nice after i spend $8500.00 but i put away for 1 month cause i getting suspension and brakes and i putting CP Pistons , eagle rods, rocker stopper. i should have back in 3 weeks

posted by  rps13

my friend finsihed his. im sure to have a vid of his sr vs. my TII once mines gets running soon here. :thumbs:

posted by  Low Impedance

one of my friends got a 95 240sx with a s15 motor 6 speed. damn that shit was fast. kills all them supra's and rx7's out there. he got a t88 turbo. that was huge!!! big i tell ya. with a big greddy fmic. he rebuilt his motor from bottom to top. got a greddy exhaust system. he's got those 13 inch brembo rotors with calipers. he gots a full hks suspension with 19's racing c5 wrapped with some nitto drag radials. he did a s15 front end. he gots the 97-98 kouki backlights. man his car was the tightest, the baddest, the fastest(95 240sx). he gots it nice and clean. no stickers, no big wings. the nicest 95 240sx you'll see. it is bad as hell dawg. that 95 240sx is tight!!!

posted by  silvia_star

wats gonna happen if u get pulled over by a cop, and he found out that the engine(SR20 or wateva) doesnt belong in the car?

just curious...

posted by  nissanTFsx

I dont think anything can happen. You can swap any engine you want into a car, its just gotta be able to pass smog/emissions tests if you have them where you are. No car has to be stock and engine makes dont matter to the cops, as long as your following the law.

posted by  car_crazy89

you are required to notify your insurance company of and engine switch or they can deny your claim if you are ever in an accident.


posted by  chris1017

but i dont think they will qualify me for insurance if i tell them that i have an engine that would not pass smog in da US...so either way, its a pain in da ass. :doh:

posted by  nissanTFsx

it may not even be that big of a deal, the only reason i know is because i was thinking of buying a v-6 camaro and dropping in a lt-1 engine to save on insurance and my insurance agent told me that i may not be covered if i was in an accident, so don't reck it and they won't know, and it probably won't be that big of a deal since your insurance seems to be calulated my the number of cc's you have, strange, you think that a perfect driving record would stand for something.


posted by  chris1017

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