1996 Kia Sportage 4x4 automatic trans. problem

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We just bought a 1996 Kia Sportage EX, automatic transmission and the lights on the dash dim on us and the car loses power. If you hit the dash it comes back and things work fine.
Has anyone got any idea what this problem is?
My boyfriend is a very good mechanic and even he is stumped on it.
Is there a repair for this, or is it just having to install a new transmission?
Hopefully there is a repair and someone can even tell us what the problem is.
Thanks a lot.

posted by  teresahall

its a kia..burn it and get insuranse on it :laughing:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Well, since that option won't work, does ANYONE else have any true idea what the problem and solution may be? :banghead:

posted by  teresahall

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