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hey i am wondering what kind of car i should buy next i want SPEED which should i buy 97 toyota supra or a Nissan Syline... which engine is better which has more hp which is faster which can i make faster? which will be cheaper to make faster?

posted by  Corey

First off A. Where do you live? Makes a difference.

and B. Both are extremely OVERPRICED here in the states if that is where you live and I advise you to look other places.

97 TT supra, good luck finding one for under $27k IF that. As for an R34 GT-R, heh, you're looking at close to $70k+ for that.

Both engines have huge potential, but both come at a HUGE price. People wonder Why I got my 300zxtt over everything else.... They DO have 800+rwhp 300zx's you know :)

posted by  thunderbird1100

it depends on your budget to get upgrades too.
both cars have the potential.

depending on your area, the upgrades may be cheaper for either one car or both,...

hope this helps.

posted by  car_freak

Hmm, now if I read this correctly. You want a car for "SPEED". Of all the cars that have "SPEED" the first thing that came to your questioning is whether to buy a 97 Toyota Supra or a Nissan Skyline? You want to know wich engine is better, which has more HP, and wich is faster stock. You also would like to know which can obtain a faster speed via aftermarket products and would be the cheapest. You give us no information about wich Supra or wich Skyline you want us to compare. Both of these cars cost well over $25K, and have a top speed of 140mph+ in the lowest base model. You know absolutley nothing about these expensive cars other than their names, and you want them for "SPEED". Let me speak for everyone here when I say God help us all...

Please clarify yourself, because I surley can't help you if you don't even understand what it is you're asking.

posted by  DSMer

the cars are quite different: (assuming you mean the Skyline GT-R) RWD vs AWD/RWD (quite a fantastic system, similar to porsche's system), 4 wheel steering on the GTR, the exclusivity of the GTR in the states. But stock for stock, they are very close, and since it costs quite a bit to get them both to high hp/tq levels, look at other factors than speed.

posted by  importluva

how old are you? did you just see 2fatf or something? (id get a supra, soo sexy)

posted by  Wonderbread7608

i am 17 years old, i get my money out of the bank when i turn 18 :hi: and then im going to buy a supra or a skyline rb26dett vs. 2jz-gte :screwy: which can i make go faster????????? i live in missouri! united states

posted by  Corey

oops and no i did not just see 2 fast 2 furious, my brothers 25 and he owns a skyline i'd like to kick his ass in a race!! he blows my doors off in my s13 240sx with the sr20 engine in it....... i just read an import tuner magizine and saw a supra with 991 whp and they are so cool looking so i am going to buy one.......but i am not all about looks so i am wondering if i should buy this

posted by  Corey

Hmm 991 RWHP? I've been behind the wheel of a street sweeping 500+ RWHP Supra buddy, and it aint nothing nice. You opened up a magazine and you want a fast Skyline. I can see your future, and it looks something like this
For those of you who cant tell that is a crashed Nissan Skyline.

posted by  DSMer

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

What I really don't understand is why people want a 'fast' street car when the average speed limit is 55MPH. If you want speed people, get a real muscle car and head to the track.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Oh Oh OH, I claim the engine!

posted by  thunderbird1100

Get the Supra and save yourself $50k. Getting a Skyline imported to the U.S. is ABSOLUTELY pointless. Hell, if anyone wants a Skyline that bad wait until the 2007 model year when the R36 platform is brought over here and get some turbo or V-8 power which is absent on out current R35 platform (G35) Skyline we get now.

posted by  thunderbird1100

i want to own the biggest the baddest car in the city, no thats not my future thats the future of the guys who cant drive

posted by  Corey

Yeah but what happens if you can drive very well and your racing and someone pulls infront of you??

posted by  Eclipse_2004

dont drift, and you wont do that to your car. The dent is skinny, so it was like a tree, or pole or something. And it is in the door, so he was going sideways.

another skyline engine for the silvias

posted by  Wonderbread7608

Maybe not. But keep in mind, if you go over the speed limit, you officially can't drive. But I'm not stupid, I know why people want fast cars. To go fast, obviously. Although, some want them to just have a bad car. That leads to proving yourself with the car, which ends you dead and your car wrapped around a pole.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I say Supra!! :laughing:

posted by  TigerLeigh

Dude, your not gonna own the biggest and badest car. There will always be somone out there that has something better than you... Besides the point. A Skyline and or Supra are hella far from being the badest cars on the road. Hell they are the two most overatted jap imports. Until you fix them up(wich cost an extreme ammount of money) none of the cars are that impressive stock or with a decent $8K invested, trap wise(wich just so happens to be what determines big and bad on the streets).

They are not bad cars, to each its own, just not something to be in awe about. I would'nt flaunt my stock Supra or Skyline, so some guy in a true badass import, like an M5 or Audi A8, could show me out. Hell I've seen people get madly embarassed in Supras by Camaro's with just headers. So if you do desire to posess a Skyline that bad, go for it. Just don't drive arround like your shit don't stank. Cause eventually somone will shove your face in it.

posted by  DSMer

well i kinda think everyones a lil confused here....
Ur saying you have @ least 30k to buy the supra...
ur kinda saying u have 80k to import the skyline...
ur also saying you want the baddest car out there even though u were told mods would be expensive....

hell this kids rich! i'd say the AWD skyline you wanna prove ur bad then do it on a rainy ass day when there is no traffic for you to kill people. Then u can show what u got and even if ur car is slower the traction helps massively. and if u screw up ur only killing urself! :thumbs:

if u can afford these cars like its nothing then u can afford to hook them up as well. have fun. keep away from chicago.

NOte: you better save money for the hospital bills.

posted by  VMJYogi

I would say your wrong saying that about the skyline considering the GT-R held the record for the fastest time for a production car to lap the Nurburgring from (I think) 1994 - 2004

posted by  Car Nirvana

Its ok to dream and wish for things.

Stock form both the Skyline and Supra are great cars. They handle very well and you need to be doing something stupid to lose control and write one off.

But unfortunately, I have seen so many young people destroy their lives with highly modified cars.

posted by  57ock

man, just by looking, skyline is much better than supra, and if your brother have a skyline, you should buy a same one and kick his ass, :thumbs:

posted by  my sentra

which engine is better? what engine we talking about the RB26DETT and 2JZ ?
Whats better mean? more reliable???
Which has more hp... well there both restricted to 280BHP under the "Gentleman's Agreement" Japanese automakers cannot develop vehicles exceeding 280 horsepower. :sleep:

I know the European version of the Supra RZ puts out about 325BHP :thumbs:

as for cost a supra is cheaper to buy.. but not so much cheaper to mod.. toyotas TRD parts are certainly top end prices.. :(. But then again...
just what BHP are you looking at? if you want 1000+BHP cos you thought it looked wicked in a magazine think about the £120,000+ its going to cost!

posted by  Lukaz

i would get a skyline. and you dont have to get it imported i mean i seen one in the penny saver probly about 90 grand but if i had the money i would get it

posted by  351ci-mustang

Used Skylines R33 are only like 30k and i saw a souped up r34 for like 45k.if i get enough money maybe ill get a skyline for my first car. im not too worried about the speed as long as the body looks good.

posted by  chichi

i dont know how all of you guys are getting these rip off prices of 90k for a skyline. if you want to get a reletively affordable skyline go to the most expensive skyline there is like 50k, and they have practically no mileage and they are bone stock (i find that a plus)

as for the supra i want to get one within the next 6-8 years. mk4 baby, YEAH!! :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

posted by  High Octane

Im saying the skyline is better, im just assuming we're talking about the GTR. The Rb26dett is better than the 2jz, by far. The Rb can reach more rpms and can has more power. If you wanna look at cars themselves instead of just the engines, I would say the skyline is better also, mainly because it is AWD and the supra is RWD.

posted by  s13_Drifter

posted by  darksain

Hun, if you knew your cars you would go with the Supra!!
I am a Supra owner and OMG these cars are sexy, they can get over 1300hp, got nice cruves, they run great, handle great, and you can do things to it at a very cheap price!!!

posted by  Desten

i'd say supra with a trd bodykit

posted by  alex_s249

i guess since ive only ridden in a supra, id have to say sypra... i came close to riding in a skyline, but the dude had to go somewhere... big time bummer...

posted by  mazda6man

Trust me, you were'nt missing out on anything THAT big. Some people make such a big fuss about Skylines it kinda takes away from the prestiege of the car. Wich is exactly why I'm against its selling in America. What we don't need is any more rich boy teenagers driving arround in cars they "think" are oh so godly; attempting to flex their muscles and loosing control of something they never had the skills to grab in the first place.

Skyline or Supra, I say neither. You can go with a far better car than those two. I'm actually getting sick of everyone who thinks they can street race wanting to purchase a Skyline or Supra. Cut the crap buddys. You most likley don't have the money to import a Skyline, and barley have enough to purchase the Supra you "think" you want. Iono why this kid even started this thread, he obviously has no sense over these two cars n definetly should NOT be allowed to own or drive either one. Especially if he wants to buy a Skyline out of spite with intentions "smoke" his brother.

I beleive this is the thread that I posted the picture of the wrecked R34. Yes, on further inspection it is. Far to many immature people want to own cars to grown up for their experience. Then you get people who come in here n post irrelivant bolonoga sausage like "go for the supra with a TRD body kit". Does this guy even know why you might wanna put a TRD aero package on a Supra? What TRD even is, or any relevance to why the Supra would be oh so much better with a TRD kit on it? Or did he just open up a Import2NR magazine and see a company with a Supra on the advertisement and decide to express his oh so valuble input?

Now I see why vwhobo gets as angry as he does. There are far to many ignorant people who post stuff here and I refuse to concede to ignorance. Ignorance is the reason why so many kids die in racing accidents, and probably why the import culture has such a bad gripe with "real" car guys. Far to many misinformed kids, n stuff needs to start getting straightened...

posted by  DSMer

It depends if the Supra is RZ or not, RZ is the best for the supra and it also depends is you want a GTR for ur skyline... R32 GTR skyline with RB26DETT stock on 1/4mile goes around 12.80 seconds and the Supra RZ 2JZ gets around 13.90... Supra does look nice but if ur going for speed go the R32 GTR.. That will coast ya around 10-20thousand...dont really know in the States tho.

posted by  patchy

yeah supras are great cars.... to surpase or go beyond but a 2jz nissan skyline i would rather have i mean how many skylines do you really see compared to supras. and skylines just look so good

posted by  351ci-mustang

oh boy.... not another one of these threads...... leave the poor cars alone already..... ive seen enough crashes already

posted by  Inygknok

My gosh Inygknok I've been preaching it. You see it and you own a Supra. Its a shame how such ignorant statements about two cars can give them such a reputation as they do have now. I mean look at this guy.

Our efforts do nothing. I type up a fairly decent ammount of scentences about how you should'nt say anthing about the cars if you don't know anything about them. Then here this guy goes "claiming" that Skyline R32 GTR's cost $10-$20K(wich he is'nt for sure so why post in the first place). He also begins to base his entire reasoning for choosing a GTR for speed and its quartermile time. I don't know about him, but a good majority of a daily driver cars life is spent below 50MPH. Ugh, I can't continue. The ignorance boggles me...

posted by  DSMer

Between A supra RZ and a skyline GTR R34 its a close call..

But i much prefer the Supra RZ with its 2JZ-GTE twin turbo 3.0 litre engine, that has more than enough to put a smile on most peoples faces. :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

Yeah, is that so? For some odd reason when you post you absurd reasonings for why you would choose a Supra. It makes me frown, because you don't have any clue.

"Daddy, ignorance makes baby jesus cry"

posted by  DSMer

ok dmsr....the goal here is to get a small engine..........keyword SMALL beat a skyline...on the what 4 cylinder do u reccomend? i have about 12 k to dump on the engine so a parts list from you mght be helpful too.....

posted by  Corey

This is just from my perspective and is not necessarily that of anybody else, however, I would go for the Skyline for three reasons.

A) Performance.
B) Badass Look.
C) Reliability.

Now, granted, reliability will take a huge hit of you mod it out and add more HP and all that good stuff, though, me personally, I am not worried about speed relativally. I am more for looks and the OVERALL performance:reliability ratio. I don't want either of them to weigh the other out because, unless you are making a circuit car which I intend to do in the long long run, it is pointless. You will beat your engine with an iron if you mod it out for sheer speed, and you're not going to use any of it. I live in Missouri and I know how crowded the roads can get. Getting a Skyline here for Speed is POINTLESS, unless you live in the country which still is way too rocky for high speeds anyway.

So I would go for the skyline (R34, which cannot be imported yet by MotoRex) for those three points, but it is your call. I am not rich so it will take me a long time to get up the funds to buy such a beautiful car, but you seem to be financially stable so do what you want. Look around a bit, ask professionals in the field for an unbias answer (make sure to ask more than just 1 or 2 because they may lean to one or the other side). Read books, informative magazines and ask around other forums ( I recommend

So Corey, you want a Skyline, think again. What you want is a Skyline for speed. Speed is not neccessarily the selling ticket. You have speed and sacrifice reliability. Just wait until your brakes **** up while going 170 down the highway. Expect to spend more on tune ups and fixing your car rather than spending to mod it out like crazy.

Just my 2 cents.

Also, on the Supra, I don't know enough to judge but from what I've seen (videos of drags and circuit runs) it is a great car when tuned properly and it looks very nice stock (atleast I think so). So just follow my advie, and go from there.

posted by  XujinkoSky

thanks XuJinkoSky for answering my question and giving me a reason why i should and not being a complete B*TCH about it like DMSr and calling me ignorant

posted by  Corey

ok, here we go...
KDR30... 83 or 84 skyline...
'nuf said... its the car to end this thread...

posted by  mazda6man

Skylines are expensive and take a lot of money to mod. Supras on the other hand are cheaperto buy and to upgrade, and can compare to a skyline with LESS MONEY INVESTED. and comon, it's Toyota! Expensive doesn't always mean superior. :doh:

posted by  VertigoPills

I agree with you, VertigoPills, higher cost doesn't mean the car's good.

posted by  Hooligan

I also agree with you Pill, however, Supras cost about 10k less than a Skyline does in Japan, depending on the model. A buddy of my brothers is in Japan and he saw a Skyline R34 GT-R for about 55K. A nice Supra, as I've been told, costs approximately around 25-35K, depending on what you want added, taken out, etc.

I don't know the exact numbers but what REALLY makes Skylines expensive is the importation of the Skyline, taking 16-25K at the minimum. They also charge for making your Skyline legal. I haven't looked into MotoRex's complete pricing guide but if you want to know Corey, I think the site is . Also, You can buy an already legal Skyline from either MotoRex or RBMotoring, the sites are complimentory to their names. I recommend doing that if you want to just have a Skyline, but again I don't know the exact details of it all.

A buddy of my brother's, who is a Sargeant, had an R33 GT-R (Not sure if V-Spec or not) and paid about 35K for it. So it is scale where the Skyline may be priced a bit higher, it isn't too much when looking at bone stock without any of the legal affairs added.

posted by  XujinkoSky

You'd be best to take have to my advice, because XuJinkoSky does'nt know shit about anything related to cars. He did'nt even answer your qestion, he rambled on some complelty irrelivant bullshit about why he would want an R34. Then he goes on about some other shit that hes seen Supras in drag races. Well thats alot of bullshit, because hes to blind sided on expensive Japanees cars you wan't to respect his opinon? Well let me just tell you, if you can't seem to accept the truth, then don'nt bother asking for it. While I've never actually driven a Skyline, I've been arround enough of them and people who own them to know more than right from wrong. I've also not only driven very powerful Supras but I've been under them also. So if you wanna call be a bitch, go ahead. Its not my fault for telling the truth, you asked for it.

Anywhos you challenged me to some sort of wich 4 banger could outperform a Skyline on the quartermile. Well for starters an EvoVIII, STi. Both of wich cost WAYYY under what it would cost to import a Skyline that would even weight up to them in competition(the R34 GTR). How about a 350Z, RX-7? Almost anything on AWD platform and RWD with high output engines could compete with a Skyline. If you want to get crazy you could go with a G35 AWD Sedan or G35 Coupe RWD 6-Speed. The G35 is the same thing as a 300GT or 350GT-8 (R35 Sedan and Coupe). As a matter of fact the G35 produces more power than the 350GT-8(What would be the R35 Coupe) at only 268.0 bhp @ 6000RPM and the 300GT(what would be the the R35 Sedan) at 260.0 bhp @ 64000RPM. The Infini G35 not only cost less but it overpowers both the R34 and R35, and with the money you saved you could pay for TEIN suspension upgrades to get the G35 to track-like conditions.

posted by  DSMer

Hey guys! Stop saying Skylines! You are talking about GT-Rs right?
Skyline and GT-R are two different cars.
Skyline is the original name for Infiniti G35 in Japan.
You can buy a Skyline for $30K here in the U.S.

Anyways, I would go for a SupraTT, GT-R isn't worth the money.
But, if you wanna a GT-R in this country, wait till 2007!
Visit here for some info er=1

posted by  zook83

Supra's Are Gay, Get A Laser.

posted by  SUPRA'S ARE GAY

Hey dumbass! Shut the hell up!

The ammount of stupidity you have posted in a mere 5 scentences takes my breath away. How in the hell did you manage to wake up this morning? People as stupid as you are should'nt have the mental capacity to breath in their sleep.

While many cars use the GTR badge, a Skyline GT-R and Skyline are merely different trims of the SAME CAR. I have no idea who in the hell told you that a GTR and a Skyline are two completley different cars, but it only leads me to believe that they were either as stupid as you are or you're just to god damn stupid to read stuff correctly.

Skyline is the original name for the G35 in Japan? What the hell? Go hang yourself. You could'nt be more far from the truth. Infiniti G35, Nissan Skyline. Let me run that by you again just in case you did'nt catch the difference >>>INFINITI<<< G35, >>>NISSAN<<< Skyline. Where the hell are you getting this information? Who told you this? The two share almost identical chassi, engine, and body form, but they are NOT the same car and the names have no direct correlation whatsoever.

No one cares what you would go for. You're so damn misinformed your opinion could'nt be worth stank on a monkeys ass. Again, I think its been well established that Skylines cost lots of money. Oh but thats right you're a dumbass. So I guess all the relevant information of Skyline pricing that was posted does'nt matter so long as your opinion is heard. Do you even know what a SupraTT is(commonly known as SupraRZ)? Or is that one of those completly different cars than a Supra?

posted by  DSMer

What does this car look like to you :fu: jpg

go to

posted by  zook83

Supras and Skylines are both great cars, but if you wanna save yourself a lot of money, get an FD ('93-'95 Mazda RX7). They're easier to find, but they're high maintenence if you don't do the reliability upgrades.

...Plus they look hotter!

posted by  MastahJuice

Its appears to be an R35 Skyline coupe. I'm sorry man, but you're a dumbass. I've allready told you factual information. The Skyline R35 and Infiniti G35, while built on the same platforms, ARE NOT THE SAME CARS. Haha, another e-tard ricer kid trying to proove how smart he is. Not knowing two shits of a rats ass of ANYTHING relating to a Skyline.

posted by  DSMer

Your yet to prove how smart you are! :mrgreen: Your a very good copy and paste magazine person which is all your knowledge is limited too. So be nice to the chaps.

Cause I take pleasure in hanging shit on people who think they know it all! :hi:

A good example of a rebadged car is the 90's model Soarer. Sold in Japan as a soarer, yet a lexus in Australia. Only difference is the badges and price tag.

As for R35 and G35 in Australia.. There almost the same car. One has more equipment and different name.

But zook83 is wrong about the Skyline and Skyline GT-R been two different cars. There just different models of the same car.

posted by  57ock

go with a skyline the all wheel drive will be more of a pay off in the end and it will handle the power better overall

posted by  nektratta

Allright, all Skylines are same cars. I just personaly consider them different.
But the point I was trying to make was when you guys say skyline,
you ve got to tell exactly which one and which year you re talking about.
Simply Skyline could be the base Skyline, GTS, GTR, R32,33,34,35...

Yes, rebadging a car is common. but I believe Infiniti and Acura brand only exist in the U.S. Is that true? :ticking:

posted by  zook83

Your yet to prove how smart you are! :mrgreen: Your a very good copy and paste magazine person which is all your knowledge is limited too. So be nice to the chaps.
Hmm... I can only laugh at your ignorance. Haha Magazine and copy paste. I forget you're an aussie. That says alot about your autmotive experience.

Cause I take pleasure in hanging shit on people who think they know it all! :hi:
Are you aware that by attempting to "hang shit" on people who think they know it all only implies that you also think you know it all? Oh but thats right you would'nt know any better you're just a dumb Aussie.

A good example of a rebadged car is the 90's model Soarer. Sold in Japan as a soarer, yet a lexus in Australia. Only difference is the badges and price tag.
Ok and....

As for R35 and G35 in Australia.. There almost the same car. One has more equipment and different name.
In Australia eh? Again, I've allready stated that they are similar, but not the same.

But zook83 is wrong about the Skyline and Skyline GT-R been two different cars. There just different models of the same car.
This is'nt relevant to anything. We have allready established that.

posted by  DSMer

first off how much money are you talking about ans second if its under 7k your out of luck :smoke:

posted by  Skylinewanted

I don't think he care anymore.......

posted by  GreekWarrior

wtf lol this thread went from a simple question to an argument im new here and if i post questions id rather not have to read through bs like that to find my answer

posted by  NaSk8891

If you know where to go to get a skyline, its not that expensive. I myself have a 96 GTS and it was under 20,000 total. Yes i have connections, Yes we import alot, but no, its not that much diffirent for anyone else. It just really depends on where you go.

But both motors are the best as far as import motors go. they are japans finest. tough choice, but i would rather have a car that is driven alot be left hand drive and not right. Confusing at time, alot of times.

posted by  EC Performance

skyline all the way

posted by  Alpha Lobo

Why? A skyline GTS costs 20,000 WITH connecions, while a used cobra is like 15 grand, and it's faster stock. Or how about a camaro z28 stock, it's faster and cheaper, so much so that you can put in a supercharger with the extra 10 grand, and still have money left over for further upgrades. Skylines are too expensive for the casual owner, but for rich people, like those at, it's definitly worth it.

posted by  Godlaus

It would also depend on where you intend to drive it. If its long straight roads all day, then you are wasting your time with the Skyline.

I live where an hour out of town the hills and corners are abundant and that is where the Skylines shine.

posted by  Who?

ATTESSA forever, but I would rather have someting like an elise for cornering and in the hills of mountains. less weight = better cornering.

posted by  Godlaus

:mrgreen: That's right. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

DSmer there are two types of people in the world, those who are Australian and those that wish they were Australian. Insofar as Australians being dumb, you could well be correct, but I would suggest that if you ever visited our country the average IQ of your home town and Oz would drop even more.

posted by  Wally

Yes that is true, thats one of the drawbacks of the skyline it's weight but it's a car made for the circuit anyway, not really for the mountains where weight is a big factor.

posted by  GreekWarrior

There are different Skylines. For instance the R32s are generally RWD. But then you have the AWD GTS4 and GT-R. Then you have different spec DET engines.

posted by  Wally

Skylines are either RWD or AWD. There is no FWD Skyline. For an explanation of the different engines used in the Skylines do a google search. (It seems we are not allowed to link to other sites so can't give you any pointers).

posted by  Who?

err...there is no R35 Skyline. Its a V35 Skyline.

posted by  Who?

From the spec sheet, my R34 GTt produces 206 kWs (276 hp) at 6400 rpm (which is the Japanese gentlemans agreement max power) and 363 Nm torque at 3200 rpm. This is stock without any mods. The spec sheet from the Nissan web site quotes the power output of the most recent incarnation of the VQ35 engine as used in the 350Z and V35 Skylines also at the 206 kWs.

The 300GT (which no longer comes up on the Nissan Japan site) was a VQ30 V35 Skyline which had lower power output. I think it was around 250 hp but am not sure. They only offer the 2.5l VQ25 and 3.5l VQ35 engines in the V35 Skyline sedan, and VQ35 only in the V35 Skyline coupe.

I would agree to changing the suspension as I have HKS Hiper Dampers fitted with adjustable damper and a lower ride height.

posted by  Who?

Can we put the Aussie bashing back into the racial discrimination cupboard.

There are some good Aussie made engines and cars. One at least which has been good enough to be rebadged as an American muscle car. How many Pontiac GTO owners know their pride and joy is an Aussie job :mrgreen:



posted by  Who?

yah, you bring up a valid point, it's just that a while ago, there was this one guy named scarecrow who gave all aussies a bad name.
I don't think that we're all anti-australian though.

posted by  Godlaus

Fairy Nuff. Not been here long enough to understand the history.

posted by  Who?

This thread seems pointless, but here's a cool pic.

posted by  Ground Rat

Since we are talking about supras, this guy just dyno'd 1520 RWHP. Fastest street supra? ( enumber=1).

posted by  Ground Rat

"Who" is right, there is only one nation that has the right to bash Aussies = New Zealanders. He also knows we couldn't care less if we had a bad name in the eyes of bare faced lying internet mechanics from the USA (or anywhere really) who wouldn't know a spanner from a screwdriver and trundle out inaccurate information googled from similarly inept keyboard grease monkeys to support ludicrous facts.

posted by  Wally

Well just to let your stupid Aussie ass know how dumb you actually sound. Mathemeticly speaking, if I "left" my hometown and the average IQ dropped, that means that I was a person with a very HIGH IQ. A lower number removed from an average makes the average go UP not down. You dumb shit. :banghead:
Haha you are fecking pathetic... :laughing:

posted by  DSMer

perhaps he was implying that you may be one of the sharper tools from your hometown, but still not sharp enough to cut it in australia?? :wink2:

posted by  joshf2

Sharp as a bowling ball :wink2:

Your voracity to attack anything that moves is becoming your undoing :laughing:

posted by  Wally

No he clearly stated that Aussies could very well be dumb. As he is, he simply caught himself in a mathematical error. So rather than admit hes the dumbshit he is, he's simply going to beat arround the bush by accusing me of being some beligerant hothead when in fact he was the one whom said something to me not the other way arround(With words that overstep his intelligence I might add).

Have it your way "wally". I could really give a shit less.. Needledicks like you come a dime a dozen and I don't really have a problem laughing hysterically at your idiocy. So please continue, I beg of you... Mr. Big bad Aussie..

posted by  DSMer

please someone take a 2x4 to BSMer and beat some sense into him

posted by  joshf2


Irony and logic is wasted on some people. DSmer Sir when you finally escape that testesterone haze I would suggest you will have some awful moments thinking about some of the nonsense you have posted.

Now hit the books and get that grade 7 maths up to speed..... sorry that probably involves quadradic equations (it does in our dumbass (what ever that is) country), start with the grade 5 and work up to whole numbers and negative integers.

posted by  Wally


Yes, he did state aussies could be stupid (Infact, theres lots of stupid people here), but i think you need to rethink your comment on "methematical error". But since you dont seem to be brightest spark around, i'll go baby steps for you.

If you left your area and the average IQ decreased, then that makes you above average in your area, when you arrive here, our average IQ also decreases. Nett result, an above average person in your area would be below average in australia.

See, your "mathematical error" seems to be, you cant differentiate between relitive and absolute, which appears a major problem with many north ammericans, thinking that what is relitive to them is actually absolute..

posted by  grog

Right... and who are you again? Oh thats right, you're grog the insignificant cumstain. Thank you for voicing your opinion, I'm sure somone cares. Just not me... whom was the person you were trying to have hear your very shitty opinion. So congratulations dumbass you have failed to do a very simple task. I think you'll fit in nicley with our Australian posters....

posted by  DSMer

so without any justification, out comes the verbal attacks......can you feel the love??

im not sure whether its ignorance, stupidity, deprivation as a child, or perhaps you just need to get laid, but there seems to be a fair amount of anger there. but then again, this is the internet, where any kid with a complete lack of social skills can come on and be the greatest keyboard warrior.

hi, im BSMer, and i reckon i know everything there is to know about cars and youre all wrong and i am the greatest

posted by  joshf2

ive already said this in even easier terms, but i dont think he's quite smart enough to understand

posted by  joshf2

I take it what your are trying to say is "cum stain", actually that's two words. Your not exactly expressing much in the inteligence area when you cant even translate a simple insult into text.

Actually, i kind of expected this sort of response from the manner of your previous posts. You dont mind dishing it out, but when you get pulled up on your posts and are made to look the fool, you come back with claiming how little you care, but contrary to your statement, care enough to reply viciously.

Are you claiming you did not hear my "Shitty opinion", interesting, you have replied to somthing you didn't even hear.

posted by  grog

Seeing as that its not an "actual" word I can feel free to spell it however I like. Just like I can type "abvadvs" and say thats spelled correclty. Anywhos, whatever makes you feel better cumstain.

posted by  DSMer

To right it's not an actual word, but it is actualy two words. It's not spelling i am ammused at, it's total lack of grammar. But i wont hold that against you, your little temper tantrums ammuse me.

posted by  grog

Here we go. :laughing: DSMer your turn.

posted by  GreekWarrior

It's been a long time comin'
To silence all that drummin'
To show them that it wasn't just a dream

They've beaten all the rest you know
And proven they're the best you know
The greatest team to wear the baggy green

Pigeon's pounding down like a machine
Dizzy's scarin' batsmen - lookin' mean
Gilly's gettin' wickets
Punter's clearin' pickets
And Warney's just the best we've ever seen

C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon
C'mon Aussie, c'mon


posted by  joshf2

Wow, that must be a much more recent version. I remember one that had Lillie and Tangles, and Marshy...

posted by  Who?

yeah, this is the modern day version, although the second verse has some of the older generation still mentioned

posted by  joshf2

What the hell? Where did this come from? :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

This topic is gay. But fark there's some amusing replies :thumbs:

posted by  57ock

the supra cheaper but slower, the skyline is fast without upgrades

posted by  gtr_man

supras weigh a hella lot. If you got the cash, go for the skyline gtr :laughing:

posted by  TurboLag


posted by  windsonian

oops, sorry to revive this thread. I saw some guest looking at it and decided to post on it :doh: . That's just like me, not paying attention :doh: ......

If it makes you feel better;... I chased a deer today! :laughing: :mrgreen:

posted by  TurboLag

You say the supra weighs alot but i read ion motor trend that the skyline weighs almost 2 tons.

posted by  Enthusiast

'93 supra weighs 3450
r34 Skyline gtr weighs 3672... Well i guess you're right.


foiled again.

posted by  TurboLag

Well thats not 2 tons but its still pretty heavy

posted by  Enthusiast

I cant say i've ever done that before. Rabbit though, a friend did that the other dy, just ran out the door and chased it through the yard (didnt catch it though) :laughing:

posted by  car_crazy89

Straight up, i think he's a liar about the whole lot, anyway, to put my two cents into this...

Myself, personally, i wouldn't spend a shyt load of cash on buying a jza80 or a bnr34, i'd be going off, buying a $250 bomb and spending the excess cash on that, correct me if i'm wrong but victor bray is quick as hell and he's drivin' a 57 chev?

I mean like, c'mon... go out.. buy a Ford Pinto.. drop a 426 HEMI in it, chuck an EFI on it and then work it till the cows come home, chuck a 14/71 blower on it and trust me, NOTHING will keep up with you.. purely on the street that is...

IF you're a jap crap lover like myself, then go out and buy some cheapy, light weight bomb... like an HYUNDAI EXCEL for instance and chuck a 4G63 in it or a 6G72 in it and work it so hard that it blows doors off anything else with a HYUNDAI badge on it....

C'mon lad's.. use ur brain's for a minute here.. why spend a shyt load on a jza80 or a bnr34 when the smartest option is there..

OH.. and for those of you that will DEFINATELY say... "those car's look like shit" well, for the money you would of spent on PURCHASE for either the jza80 or bnr34, you could of called Veilside USA and had a custom kit made to make it look 'dope'.. or RICE for those of you who have no idea about the power to weight ratio..

If you just want the 2JZ-GTE or RB26DETT, then go out, buy a cheapy, RWD bomb n drop the dope engine in it...

It's just logical...

posted by  HyundaGuy

Evolution Sells Skylines In Flordia And Id Get A Rhd Skylike U Get Mad Props Very Exotic Car If U Have The Money And Not All Skylines Are 70 K I Saw 1 A 92 For 12k In Great Condition

posted by  enoch1

You really like Excels don't you. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

difference there is the fact that the 92 skyline is the R32, meaning it's older, worse engine, worse running gear, weaker gearbox, weak LSD/Axles, etc... the list goes on...

the R32 GT-R (BNR32) comes stock with an RB26DETT, yes.. true.. not as good though, although because of the lighter curb weight, it picks up speed faster, giving you a suposedly 12.7 STOCK pass, i think that's bull though..

the R32 GTS-t (HCR32) comes stock with an RB20DE/T, also it's a RWD with a destroyed NISMO 2 Way LSD, meaning that it's gonna have some serious problems from drifters, i mean.. all the blokes i know that own a HCR32 all drift and that's because it's so light and easier to handle due to lack of understeer...

anyway.. my point to that comment is this.. when buying an older skyline, whether it's an DR30, HR31, R32, R33... you're risking owning a thrashed out drift car that's been crashed and repaired thousand's of times, atleast with owning a newer R34 skyline, you don't have to risk owning a thrashed out, crashed bomb.. unless you're buying from a place like TAU...

yeah.. soo.. think about it..

posted by  HyundaGuy

lmao, aint nothing wrong with an excel, so what if they're a fwd with a 1497cc sohc stock.. they can fit mitsu parts! :D

posted by  HyundaGuy


posted by  GreekWarrior

i agree with the idea that hachi-roku's are dope, all they really need is a 4A-GZE and they're the dopest 1986 toyota out!, lmao!!..... either an AE86 powered by a 4A-GZE or an AW11 with a 4A-GZE, both sick car's.. personally i'd prefer an AE86 though..

posted by  HyundaGuy

I like AE86 because they can give you a sweet driving experience without spending a lot of money. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

hey man.. you want a cheap driving experience.. go find a VL Turbo and take it for a test drive! :D NOW THAT'S A DRIVING EXPERIENCE!!!..... 170rwkw.. stock.. boomin' RB30ET.... 5speed man.. Cusco clutch.. ahh.. heavin.....

my mate Tom had one for a few years and he thrashed it till he blew the turbo and several other things.. like the diff and so forth.. ended up turning it into a drift car and selling it for $4k to some vietnamese lad.

posted by  HyundaGuy

:orglaugh: Yeah go the VL turbo.

posted by  GreekWarrior

if you had the choice out of the new wrx sti and the new evo, which would u choose?...

YES.. u do get to test drive it first!

posted by  HyundaGuy

That's a good question, ummm well I'd go the evo only because I don't really like the look of the new WRX, if I was an older sti that's a different story.....

posted by  GreekWarrior

out of the older ones, the evo III vs. the 98 wrx sti...

i'd really have to think bout that one!!

posted by  HyundaGuy

That's too hard of a choice lol, see love evo 3's but old style wrx's are sweet as well.

posted by  GreekWarrior

just compare the two, both are awesome car's... it really comes down to the box and engine combo..

4G63 is a dope engine, great for about 530hp quite easily..

the EJ20T is all BOXER though, also a dope engine, muuuuch better for acceleration, rather then max power.. either way.. depending on what you wanted the car for..

it all depend's on your wants and need's really.

posted by  HyundaGuy

I just think the evo 3 looks tough, but preformance wise I think the sti comes out on top..........just.

posted by  GreekWarrior

meh, lol.. like i said.. i'd prefer to just spend a bunch of cash on my excel and then make that the dopest Hyundai around, i've seen the 98 model excel's with a 4G63 before and it's bloody quick.. to say the least.

posted by  HyundaGuy

That would be interesting, an excel with a 4G63. :hi:

posted by  GreekWarrior

my mate rodney has a ford laser ke, tx3 turbo, it's got one of those 323 familia gt-r engine's.. BPT i believe the code name is, anyway.. pull's 13 flat.. we dragged off a 98 excel that just had a stock 4G63 in it, not even an exhaust to it.. stock box.. basically a stock Hyundai Excel Evolution 2 and it cained us hard!

Rodney got heaps pissed off.. he's now aiming for 10's, lol.. funny one..

posted by  HyundaGuy

hmm tough question, both the supra and skyline are my favourite jap cars. the supra is 320bhp and the skyline is 280bhp the supra is quicker stock, but the skyline can be tuned to about 1000bhp, but as your nearly 18 why would you want a car with soo much power? your not going to be able to do 140mph anywhere are you? legally anyway, your better off getting a cheaper smaller engined car, something like a honda civic VTI (1.6ltr 150bhp) or hell why not a honda civic type R (2.0ltr 200bhp ish) both are good standard and are easily modified/tuned etc, can be made into real stunners given time and money.

here in the Uk i cant get insured on a skyline or a supra at 18 as id be considered an un experienced driver and a hazard, and so insurance companies would put the phone down on me if i tried to insure one, as its silly really 18 years old with a nissan sure id end up driving it into a wall or something lol.

posted by  ukcarman

here in aus you can get insured on anything, if you really wanna do it cheaper then go through you folks as a second or third party driver to the car... and also.. my friend's older brother got a skyline when he was 16 as his first car, never drove it into a wall and never had any types of accidents.

it all depend's on the area you're in and it also depend's on the driver, if you can actually handle a decent motor vehicle then good luck to ya, go out and get a skyline, tune it to 1000bhp and do 140mph all day, every day.. if you can't handle something with serious power, then do as this ukcarman bloke said and get yourself a cheapy civic and play around with that, they can be tuned to serious power peaks, drop a K20A in it and watch it fly, lol.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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