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I'm sorry for another one of these, but when i try to search the forums it says that "new car" is too short of a query...
anyways, so i would appreciate it if anyone could give me suggestions on a first car sub or around $500 (used of course). preferably one that is cheap to maintain, but will be a good first car. thanks :laughing:

*edit: spelling*

posted by  R3LAPSE

Anything not running will cost you about $500. Seriously, you want a reliable car that you dont have to rebuild yourself before it's even running is going to require more than $500.

posted by  thunderbird1100

How cheap could i get a car then

posted by  R3LAPSE

Who knows? 3 grand if your lucky.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I just sold my old 1992 Dodge colt for 100 bucks. It ran good too. It was a cheap little car and the best part was that it was made by Mitsubishi so no crappy Dodge parts. You could definitely find one of those for cheap because everyone thinks its a Dodge and noone wants to buy one.

posted by  Mangina

Thing is, you almost never come across a good reliable car for under a grand. My 1990 LX Accord is worth $2,000, has 202k miles, and has only had one minor problem in it's lifespan. Now these are the kind of cars he needs to be looking at. My suggestion to him is save another grand and a half and buy a nice used Honda that he knows will last him at least another 100k miles.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Just because its a Honda does not mean it will last him another 100k miles.
There are some cars for $500 that could potentially "last long". Look for any import in the 80's and some domestics in the early 90's. Too many cars to list, do some research man.

posted by  DSMer

My suggestion would be an 80s honda. They're cheap, easy to find and pretty good cars. In particular the CRX, they are SOOO cheap. but very reliable very fun cars. :thumbs:

posted by  Zalight

Beside your 500 bucks you need some time. Take your time to research in newspapers, ask friends if they know a car for you (not for advise). Look at online markets like eBay. If you wouldn't spend more money than 500 you have to take time for research. Be patient. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

I didn't say ANY Honda, I said:

"My suggestion to him is save another grand and a half and buy a nice used Honda that he knows will last him at least another 100k miles."

Hence the word 'NICE'. I've never met a person with a 3rd or 4th generation Accord that has had major problems with their car (and all have had well over 150k miles on them..including one with 342k). I've owned two 4th gens and never had a single major mechanical problem with either. Why I recommend them.

posted by  thunderbird1100

thanks, you've all been very helpful. i do look at cars on ebay a lot (too much free time), are there any other sites that are similar to it but for cars only?

posted by  R3LAPSE

Yeah plenty. (good for finding slightly older cars and new) (good for fiding newer cars with good deals) (good info on used new and research or cars and makes)

Spare me, if you're gonna re-quote yourself, do us all a favor and at least alter it so you don't contradict yourself. Twisting words and making them all capital does'nt give you the right to alter the word or put incinuated meanings behind them. You JACKASS.(Wait, maybe I really meant something nice behind that word.......... on second thought nope.)

posted by  DSMer

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I do second teh notion of saving up another grand, but really, I've had numerous reliable cars that cost me less than a thousand dollars. The car in my sig originally cost me merely one hundred dollars, and I drove it home. the bodywork has used up the bulk of teh 4200 I have into it, with new top, new carpets, etc. Just to get it daily driveable only cost me a couple hundred on top of the original price.

Beofre that I had a beater cadillac that cost me $500, and was a reliable daily driver. My Falcon only cost me $700 total (after the initial purchase price and all teh customizing I did). Other cars I've had in teh past 5 years that cost me less than $500 were a VW van, a Subaru GL 4x4 wagon, and a pair of Pintos (in fact, both Pintos ran, were bought at auction, and neither one cost me more than $20! Yes, that's right, twenty bucks!) For that kind of money, you could replace them every month and still be money ahead!

As I said, this car cost me $700:

Another source I've found is ebay motors parts car section... i've seen running late model cars going for as little as $100... Some will take a little work to be perfect (but really, you shouldn't want that now, anyhow). Here are a set of runners that you could fix up rather cheap: 27&category=39405 25&category=39405 53&category=39405 26&category=39405 47&category=39405

This one could be gotten for under $500.... by tomorrow: 16&category=39405

posted by  ChrisV

8 hours left on this $20 T bird SC: 29&category=39405

Lesson is, ALWAYS keep your eyes open. He'll sell for less than his reserve when the auction ends. I got one just like it for $200 a few years ago... and drove it home.

posted by  ChrisV

I could really use a lot of parts off that BB in that newport for my 383 I'm building. Oil pan, water pump housing, pulleys, PS bracket, alternator bracket.

posted by  DodgeRida67

It's a good deal, if it wasnt for that right there.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I've bought a number of lien cars just like that. Not a problem, and easy to deal with legally in any state. It's part of what makes it a good deal. You really think that additional $60 and a couple days of legwork on your part erases the deal of getting a $2000 car for a couple hundred bucks???? Dude, this is how you get the good deals...

posted by  ChrisV

Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha and Confucious. You have got to be THE most absolute pathetic person in this wide world. You said 'JUST BECAUSE IT'S A HONDA DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL LAST HIM ANOTHER 100K MILES'. I SAID SPECIFICALLY, 'A NICE USED HONDA THAT HE KNOWS WILL LAST HIM ANOTHER 100K MILES'. 'NICE' 'NICE'. Would that mean im recommending him a Passport that has had the most problems with any modern day Honda ever? Damn, you're dumb. In that same post I was more specfically talking about 3rd (and mostly 4th) generation Accords. They have very VERY few problems from my experience and other's experiences around me. SERIOUSLY, at this point I know you are just trying to EAT away absolutely ANYTHING off me and have NO material left. It's very obvious at this point, you really just need to stop even trying. Give it rest, you might actually get something accomplished in a post rather than rambling your mouth off to something you want to twist to your place and make me look like I said something 'wrong' when in actuality you just forcefully like to misinterpret it. I have to say, you are at least consistent with that.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Read my post above about the bold letters and incinuating words. You'll find it all relativley coresponding to anything you just said.

Hey T-Bird, its hot over here(60degrees)

"No its not I live in Florida thats cold"

Your interpretation of "nice" compared to his, is most likley different. Surely somone as smart as you could just boldly say "3rd Gen or 4rth Gen Honda". Instead of using kiddy 2 cent words to desribe somones future $500+ purchase. Get your facts straight, not everyone thinks 3rd or 4rth gen hondas are nice. Care to bitch about anything esle T-Bird? Maybe if you cry a little harder, your mommy might make me stop(not likley). That or your computer will flood with tears and get destroyed. Then I won't have to correct your insestant rabmle.

"duh get a nice honda that them there cars work pretty"

Nice what? Engine, Exterior, Interior?

posted by  DSMer

Looks like Chris is a thrifty shopper! :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

If I use 'nice' once in a post ALL about something being reliable, you should infer from that im talking RELIABILITY.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Wow! At that price, you better try looking for your car at a junk yard. I'm not kidding.

For 500 bucks I'm affraid you won't find a car in good conditions.

ok, ok... That could be possible. A friend of mine bought an Alfa Romeo 33 in good conditions for 300 Euros in a junk yard rescueing it from the death. Anyway, now he has to pay about 300 Euros more to re-register it at the traffic authority.


posted by  karburator

did you read my post?

posted by  ChrisV

Of course. :thumbs: See the car in my sig? Drove it home for $100.

The problem is that little kids think the only way to do anything is to have momy and daddy buy it for them new. And if it isn't new, it must be junk. And that it costs thousands of dollars more to bring a slightly less than new car back to useable condition. It doesn't. It only LOOKS that way to people who don't know anything about cars.

posted by  ChrisV

Yeah, when ChrisV bought that car it was pretty bad. I think it was white or something? He restored it to a pretty damn good condition car that would turn heads. Now its blue, wich if I remember correctly, your wife wanted that color or something along those lines. Yeah I read that whole article you wrote on the restoration of that car(No I'm not stalking ChrisV for those of you who are aiming towards that) and it was pretty impressive.

Cheap cars are good, so long as you have a little extra money on the side just in case something does indeed go wrong with the car.

posted by  DSMer

Really he restored that? I didn't know that. ChrisV, if you can show me where you wrote about it, I'd appreciate it. I'm restoring a car and have been for about 2 years now. If anyone is intrested I'll post a link.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Can't believe you did'nt know he restored that. You've never once heard of Chris Vetters anywhere on the net or anything? I used to read his articles a while back. I was interested in his Jaguar.. anywhos...

You'll find all the relative information on his 81 Fiat Spyder restoration here DodgeRida. ChrisV, I think your site is kinda screwy at the front page. I don't know if you did that intentionally but I would like to read a few articles on some cars you have done...

posted by  DSMer

Yeah, it is screwy right now, as I had taken down most of the site. Now it's mostly storage of a couple pages I had left, and images to post on message boards. The front page is something left over as a failed experiment so that the site would work at all (due to Comcast needing an "index" page...). I still have my old page on CD, but it's outdated, as it was done back in '99 before I moved to Baltimore...

posted by  ChrisV

Dear sir ,

I have a a Laguna for just 1400.00usd if you want , just reply at this e-mail adress :

posted by  transaction

My 1993 Mazda Protege cost $100.00 it ran perfectly only thing i had to do was replace piston rings and a head gasket and that was to be on the safe side...this car has came a long way...its had about $1500 in engine work before i got it i think cams and rocker arms were replaced...and ive gota fully replaced sound system racing muffler ...blah blah blah..list goes on...check sig...anywho...yeah you just gotta run across the right deal...

posted by  Ghettoprotege

buy a Ford Escort, even an Escort wagon, there's tons of em and they're mad cheap. My buddy bought his for $600 and hasn't had any problems in the 3 years he's had it. They're not the best cars to look at, but they get you from point A to B with cheap insurance and good gas mileage.

posted by  MastahJuice

the best thing to do is go to auto trader .com and keep an eye when your riding around town because the best deal you will find will be a car for sale on the side of the street. but for something decent you might have to up your budget to at least 1000 dollars. my first car a 94 eclipse was a good car and cost 1500, my brother bought a 94 probe for 1600, so if you look enough youll find a good deal some where.

posted by  nektratta

Also try privately owned title pawn places! I bought my 92 Eclipse for $200 from one to pay off the loan. All I had to do to it was put a starter on it. I say privately owned because the major title pawn companies require you to have a dealer's liscence to purchase a repo. And just remember, just because it was reposessed, does mean its a POS! Sometimes people just fall on hard times. I have seen many a cars that there was nothing wrong with them, its just the people lost their job and couldn't pay it off.

posted by  ciccmga

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