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Theres a 2000 Acura integra LS that i can buy for 4g down and 150 a month for 60 months. I need some opinions, good or bad?

posted by  Zubei

forgot to add, it has 61k miles...

posted by  Zubei

So you're telling us you're payin $13,000 for the car. If it does'nt have all the options like:

Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
AM/FM Stereo
Single Compact Disc
Dual Front Air Bags
ABS (4-Wheel)
Moon Roof
Alloy Wheels

Then you are getting ripped off by at least $1,500-2,500. If you do have all the options and more then I'd say its a great deal.

posted by  DSMer

IMO the price is hard on the limit, as DSMer said only a full options model would be worth that money. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

You could probably get a 97-98 GS-R for around the same price, and they are nearly the exact same car with a little more power.

Matter of fact I found a 2000 GS-R for $12,900 in my area with only 55,000 miles and the only mod is an intake. 2000&make=ACURA&distance=50&max_price=&model=INTEG&end_year=2000&advcd_on=n &min_price=&address=30281&search_type=used&advanced=n&start_year=1997&color =&cardist=37

$13,000 is way too much for an LS with 60k+ miles. It's worth about $9,000-$9,500.

Wow, doing more research I found another 2000 GS-R, but this one for $9,900 and only has 39,000 miles. r_year=2000&make=ACURA&distance=50&max_price=&model=INTEG&end_year=2000&adv cd_on=n&min_price=&address=30281&search_type=used&advanced=n&start_year=199 7&color=&cardist=41

posted by  thunderbird1100

I didnt get the teg, and was fully loaded. I have in my area a 99 GSR with everything for 11,999. Could probably talk them down considering im puting 6k down then financing the rest. We'll see what happens.

posted by  Zubei

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