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Say if i had a prelude and wanted to add a turbo about how much would that cost (plus installation)...thanx :D

posted by  Conc3pt

That all depends on where u live and how much power u want.Around my area turbo kits for luds run from $3000 + $500-$900 for install depending on the kit and the garage .check out Greddy they make a decent bolt on turbo kit for ludes u may even be able to install it youreslef.

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Prices range from 2500 to 6000. Keep in mind though, stage 3&4 aren't street legal in america.(at least i don't believe they are)

Yeah, installation depends on the person who installs it.

On a side note....
Why whould you want to trick out a front wheel drive? Sure, he prelude looks awesome and all, but i never saw the logic. The faster yoiu accelerate, the less weight is on the front (power bearing) wheels. Hence, there's a glass ceiling where you can only have so much power. Honda shoulda made the prelude rear wheel. But I guess that's what the s2000 is for.

posted by  Godlaus

Im gettin' a Stock Integra Engine and throwing a T3T4 turbo kit on it and slapping in my hatch.

posted by  Black Hatch

And exactly ow does that pertain to this thread? This thread is about preludes and turbo kits. Not a integra t3/t4 in your hatchback.

posted by  Godlaus

let me know how it goes.....

posted by  99hatch

on a side note maybe some people like a good challange....s2000 come on that a born race car....too easy to make it too fast....

posted by  99hatch

The ceiling is much higher than any street car needs to be. So far I've seen 400 hp through the front wheels of a compact and retain traction, while still retaining driveability. On larger cars, the '70 Caddy Eldorado came with 550 lb ft of torque, stock, through the front wheels. Weight transfer under accelleration can be dealt with in the suspension the same way that weight transfer under cornering can be dealt with.

But drag race accelleration isn't the only reason to add hp. Mid range punch is fun, as is top end rush. And simply adding more power is a fun thing to do in any car.

posted by  ChrisV

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