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Well I have decided to buy a new car, however, I dont know much about cars. Anyhow, a friend of mine hooked me up with someone at Honda.

I went today and she put me in touch with a sales person who gave me the following quote:

2 Door Honda Civic LX

with CD/AM/FM/ Power Everything, in blue with beige interior, Automatic

Car $14,496. 00
Dearler Fees $499.00 Appx.

$14,995 Appox.

Plus Taxes of about $1050.00

Transfer Fee of 225.00

and some fee that said Tire Waste, $6.50

The total was $16,176.

I only would put a down of $1000.00

And Finance the rest. I was approved at 1.9% for 5 years

The guy at the dealer said it would be approx. $280.00 a month..

With Insuring the car its about 490.00 a month. (WITH GEICO)
My first question is

1. Is this a good price???
2. What are the ups and downs of Civics?
3. Should I put up a battle for a cheaper price??

All help would be appreciated. :D

posted by  Bsan1221

1. sounds like an alright price.... dont get an lx... get an ex or something, or one of the new hatches.
2. ups- you can do a whole lot of crap to civics
3. never hurts to go for a lower price, just dont let him take you for a fool

posted by  mazda6man

What is the problem with the LX????

And what do you men a hacth??

posted by  Bsan1221

oh yeh, first of all welcome to the boards

hatch= hatchback or 3door

lx is the standard sedan engine, i guess its alright cuz it pulls the sedan, its probably just preferance

posted by  mazda6man

oh yeah, i completly forgot, if you can afford/find one, go for an si... i think theyre all hatchbacks

posted by  mazda6man

A Civic LX as you described would make a fine car. Outstanding quality, great utility and they hold their resale value extremely well come trade in time.

Could you get it cheaper? Well maybe in Miami or another big city you could due to competing dealers so it could pay to look around. Here in Podunkville you couldn't touch it for that price. That car total excluding taxes is below list for a base LX. Try making an offer 5-10% below what they quoted and see what they say.

At any rate good luck with your new car search.

posted by  vwhobo

wow I actually have to agree with you on this brother had a 98 Civic (of course all souped up) and never had it given him problems. Civics are good cars and a lot of people will tell you that, but mazda6man is right EVERYONE has them.

Good luck on whatever you choose :D

posted by  JettaChiC20

personal pref says civics are and overpriced kia. put im sure theres a million and half people who say other wise. i think that for what ur buying in the car itself that u are paying to much. thats totaly up to the man with the money though. in my oppinion...... get somethin else.

posted by  beemerguy

It seems odd that someone who obviously worships BMW's would call a Honda an overpriced Kia. Although you would definately understand the concept of overpriced.

posted by  vwhobo

Whats funny is the beemer im purchasing is only 5k..... hmm overpriced? I own a lightning which blows the doors of most imports so im not so sure i worship beemers. As for hondas being over priced you look and the new models and the actual equipment your getting and you will see that theres and insane markup in what invoice says... There good cars that have an insane markup and people buy em like they buy milk... Like i said this was just my opinion didnt mean to offend you but it looks like your a VW nut so y do u care about hondas???

posted by  beemerguy

No offense taken, all I was doing was stating my opinion on your opinion. $5000 for a used BMW? Well that might be cheap or it might be outrageous, depends on the car.

As for pricing on Honda's, well they cost more than some cars and less than others. This is a free market, supply and demand, etc. However your statement that they're "overpriced Kia's" is simply ridiculous. Ask anybody who owns one or more importantly works on them.

Now let's apply your logic and ask you a question. If you're a BMW (or Lightning) guy why do you care about Honda's? It doesn't make anymore sense when you ask it than when I ask it. We were both just stating our opinions.

posted by  vwhobo

my fiance owned a 95 accord that we had nothing but problems out of.... my firend owns a 96 del sol that he hates my other friend owns a 99 civic that he is upside down in already.... its an observation of many instances in my experciences that i have seen these cars fail.. now i know the legens that they run forever and there air conditioning cant be beat and all of that but they also say chevy is better than ford... ive owned both and chevy is a piece of crap in my experciences. so again my oppinion is based upon my experciences

posted by  beemerguy

Well, who seems to be offended now? I agree that with any car (or appliance, computer, home electronic, clothes, food, etc) you can and will find instances of dissatisfied customers. Some more than others. And you have in fact cited three instances of that. However I've gotta tell you that I see on average 200+ cars go through my shops in any given week. And I can assure you that overall Honda's are one hell of a well built, dependable car.

As for being upside down on a '99 Civic you can get upside down on any car if you make the wrong purchase and financing choices. It is a fact that Honda's maintain an extremely high resale value. I also agree with your opinion of Chevy's and basically all GM products, but they sure do sell alot of them. What was it that P.T. Barnum said?

posted by  vwhobo

Well I went last night to another Honda Dealer

The car came out to $15,949.00 that was the Civic 2 door LX, included, tax, tag, title, dealer fees.

However, I did add on the 5 year/ 100,000 mile warranty and GAP insurance, so the car really came out to about appox. 17,404.00. With the warranty I feel that I over paid but am scared that after my 3 year 36,000 runs out the next day the car will break down.

The warranty was 960 and gap 495

I got financed at 1.9% and have 3 recission days to return the car if I change my mind..

What do you guys think did I get ripped off?

posted by  Bsan1221

By the way I found insurance with ALLSTATE for 86.50 a month with full coverage.

posted by  Bsan1221

I thought this section was for asian imports. Not civics made in the US

posted by  57ock

damn that is cheap

posted by  JettaChiC20

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