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I have a 1983 280zx in nice physical shape, but it won't start now that I have let it sit for 15 months. Any suggestions about where to begin? I have confirmed fuel flow from fuel pump, thru filter, and thru injector rails. Also, there is spark, though it appears weak. The battery is new. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  chaswag007

Don't ever let a car sit up without being run or this sort of thing will always result.

You have spark, you have fuel. Is the engine turning over fast enough to start? How does the spark 'appear weak'? Shed some light on that for me.

posted by  DodgeRida67

try replacing the plugs. If that doesent work try new wires that go to the plugs. If that doesent work or before you do anything put in some new fuel, old fuel can get bd and wornt work. So if it has sat there with the same gas from like 20 years id say its the fuel that got definately bad.

posted by  Kris

well if it is old gas then thats probably the problem. is it turning over at all? check the sensors and wires to make sure animals didnt bite through them. also check your oil pump to make sure that works to lubricate the rusty engine. also drain and replace your oil. check oil filter. make sure engine block does NOT have gigantic hole (hehe). umm what else? ohh yes check intake for objects in way

posted by  VMJYogi

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