I need help choosing a first car to buy.

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I've got around 20,000 dollars Canadian, i need some sugestions on what my first car should be. I am open to any sugestion, also if you could or want to provide some spec's for the car.

posted by  Dcalado_

I noticed that in your profile, you've put “Honda Prelude” on your cars list. Well you should be able to get a top shelf, latest generation Prelude for about 20k (Canadian) depending on its age, mileage etc.
Personally I would choose an Impreza Turbo over a Prelude any day.
If Insurance is an issue then how about a Ford Focus 2.0 16v (130bhp)?
It might not be Japanesse but so what?

posted by  snoopewite

Don't know the prices of cars over there and what u can get. But for 20,000 Canadian dollars. Skyline r33 Gtst is in that range here. So is N/A MkV supras. Subaru WRX .... S14a Silvia. Mr2 are nice, but handle like crap.

if ya could, I'd go the S14a Silvia, As its the quickest out of the group I named.
But I'm biased :D

posted by  57ock

f.y.i - skylines are not street-legal in canada

94+ supras here are + 25gz, but you can find a really good '90-'93 supra for about 15-20k

subaru wrx's are in the +35g range (new), the only ones you would be able to find for 20g are the 98-00 subaru rs'es

there's a ton of cars out there in that price range. . .

its all up to you and what u like

posted by  $eRb

Damn, On Saturday night I counted about 80 skylines out cruising. There everywhere.

posted by  57ock

first gen and second gen mr2's DO NOT HANDLE LIKE CRAP. most of what ive seen you post on this board is legit and whatnot but the mr2 statement.....

posted by  Arthur

ever thought about a mid 80's early 90 porsche 944? 1986 and up 944 porsches are nice especially the turbo ones. they have over 200hp 4 cyll, and i think a 50/50 weight and are around 3 to 5k

posted by  Arthur

HI Dcalado,


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on a thread that's 2 friggin' years old, no less! :banghead: :banghead:

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