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Im crazy about this car what are your opinions about it? And a question how much does it cost? i think is australian dollar its 61k

i love it but its too expensive for a first car.

posted by  chichi

i honestly dont care to much for the evoVIII all i know is that i like the evoV the best... and they shouldnt have made the big body change after VI

posted by  mazda6man

A great car from a shitty company

posted by  importluva

Dear sir ,

I have a car for sell like that you want .

My price is negociable .

The car work`s perfectly , It have just 70.000km on board .

Please advise in this my bussines e-mail adress if you have any question ( if you want to see the car ) :

Best regard`s .


posted by  transaction

That and the Diamante. Other than that I could'nt agree with yah more Importluva.

posted by  DSMer

ya, i would have thought so..

posted by  WeaponR

na im not looking to buy another car yet buy thanks anyway.

posted by  chichi

hey hey! along with the galant vr-4 too!!! apart from the recent recall here about brake failure! :doh:

posted by  Unlicensed

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