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Hi...I have mazda 626(2002) and lately the car is kicking a little when i im driving...its like the car is jumping into first gear real fast cause it makes the tires squreech..but this morning i went to drive the car and when i stepped on the gas it just reved up and didnt move then it kicked in again????....i got my transmission flushed(cause i thought that was causing it :banghead: )...does anybody here have any feedback on that...thanx in advance

posted by  klcraft

Sounds to me like a leak or a bad pump. :hi:

posted by  DodgeRida67

if u have an auto its the PRNDL switch, had the same problem in my 96 mazda 626 and its only about $150. Its on the outside on the trany so its relitivly easy to fix no taking the trany out and getting into the trany itself and that took care of my problem and it does sound like the same problem that i had and your welcome in advance.

posted by  coffee

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