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When I was buying this car I was told I will make 28-30 mpg on highway and easily 22mpg in the city. It is not outstanding but acceptable for that heavy car. Unfortunately I'm getting 17mpg in the city and 22mpg on highway. 19mpg on mix driving and now Subaru dealers tell me that it is a good result.
It was different story when I wa buying !

Question to other owners of Subaru, what are your results in the city, highway, mix ?

I was told that 19mpg it is the best I can get on mix driving ? Is it true ?

posted by  nickfor

Synthetic oil will help that a bit. I know a guy who works at an oil company (for cars) and gets 35mpg in his mid 90ish Regal with the 3.8 (uses synthetic). Am I saying you will see a gain of 10mpg? Probably not, but you wil lsee an increase.

posted by  thunderbird1100

couldn't say much about the outback, but my wifes legacy GT (same car preety much, but with twin turbos) 2.0lt is looking like getting only 300kms-ish from a full tank (60lt).

I know from driving it that if your outback has similar gear ratios as the GT, they rev quite high in top gear doing about 70mph.

they aren't the best mpg car by a long shot in any form.
sorry I cant help you more, just thought I'd share.

posted by  Unlicensed

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