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i am from used to live in vancouver bc and had a restoration company there.
i recently moved to calgary and have decided to get into imports so i joined a forum to learn more. i am used to older cars and have no idea what 2 and 3rd generation means. thx for any imput

posted by  calgarys_finest

That means what version the car is. Older/newer. 1st gen. means it was the first model of the car. :thumbs:

posted by  MX-3

Genertion refers to the ECU and the ECU only. Its a new ecu with diff shift point etc

posted by  EuroCivicSI

I always thought that generation always refered to the year....like the 'Mk' for example :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Haha, what the hell?

New Generation of a car refers to a new styling of the same model. When they change the body style they have created a new car, thus a new generation. New ECU's, upgraded engines, and all that good stuff comes with the change of a new body....

(i.e)Eclipse 2G, has a 4 cylinder turbo as the top model/ Eclipse 3G has a V6 and no turbo as the top model. The body styles have changed, thus a new generation. With a new generation usually comes restyling/upgrading of the engine.

posted by  DSMer

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