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Please help me,where I can find this engine? :ohcrap:

posted by  keanu

Ok,mayby you now anyone www or in UK where I find this engine?

posted by  keanu


posted by  keanu


posted by  SuperJew

your just gonna have to root through the performance car scrap yards!
that is a very uncommon engine in the uk. if no luck there? then you gotta import one from overseas. older model from japan would probably be the chaepest way, or maybe usa with cheap shipping. not sure about us prices?

the only car to have the 4g63t in the uk is the evo, but you can source one in japan from either the pre93 vr-4 or any of the older evos from 92 onwards. bear in mind they swapped the engine round to face the other way from 96 (evo 4, red top engine). I just picked up an ej20 motor for $1200 (500 quid) 4g63t would cost more due to availability but not too much more. no idea about shipping charges though, sorry!

what do you want the engine for? as in, what car are you dropping it into?

posted by  Unlicensed

I have Mitsubishi Galant GTI 16V 4g63 non turbo,I want more power,because I look too a turboengine.
I live in Baltic states,here is mayby only 5 Talon,Eclipse,who is with turbo engine,that is problem,here is very bad with parts,because I need find another country,yes,I look for USA too
In Evo is too 4g63 turbo engine,but I now that Evo engine is expensiv for me,I look used engine no more 700$

posted by  keanu

Look for info on DSMtuners.com, vfaq.com, and dsmtalk.com. I think your best bet may be to turbo your 4g63. Dont take my word for it but I think you only need some minor internal mods, a turbo and a few extra turbo parts. Those links will be able to tell you more. Also check out dsmtrader.com. I think their mostly US but you could check it out.

posted by  yoshimitsuspeed

You can get these engines in the UK no problem. You won't find them in a Mistsubishi (evo excluded) but you will find a certain Hyundai that uses this setup.

The valve cover is blank but you can tell it's a 4g6 if you know what you're looking at. It will be turbo charged also but I'm not sure if it had the T25 or 13b turbo. Do your homework. I don't recall what model it is but they are out there.

Hope this helps a little.

posted by  UK-DSMer

What the HELL? "UK-DSMer"? This is some damn bullshit. This lil needle dick takes my name and he lives in the UK yet he can't conclude where to purchase JAPANESE MOTOR within the UK! Screw your brain in... all of you dipshits.

The only person even remotely close was yoshimitsuspeed. First of all, has it ever occured to anyone that because the motor is made by Mitsubishi(A Japaneese Company) that you may be able to get the motor from a Japaneese motor company? WOW, I think thats a pretty good conclusion.

Yes you can check www.dsmtuners.com for a used DSM motor. Or you can go to any JDM site(many are located within the UK) such as www.totaljdm.com. Order the motor. Its roughyl $1200 plus shipping.

posted by  DSMer

Errrm, take it easy man. I've had this screen name for about 7 years on loads of US boards.

"DSM" is not exactly original is it? Just relax, I’ll change it if it will make you all warm and fuzzy.

You know, you could of just PM’ed me. I would of changed it. I didn’t search the member directory before I subscribed. Do you want me to change my screen name. I'd hate to be compared to the great, world known "DSMer" I mean there's only about 4,000 of them state side!

posted by  UK-DSMer

Sure, whatever. Its not the fact that you have a "similar" name. Its that you don't know anything and you prove that while using that "similar" name. It makes me feel ashamed to have that "similar" name. I was'nt aware that DSM's were sold in the UK. Hence, how could there be a "UK-DSMer"

posted by  DSMer

Well, you're right, you can't buy a DSM in the UK but you can in Germany :) I don't want to get on the wrong side you man. I've lived in the US for about 8 years and my first car in the states was a 93 Talon TSi. I've been tuning these cars for a while etc.

I hope we can put this behind us. I didn't mean to step on your toes but there was no reason to attack right off the bat. A simple PM could of corrected everything without all this public BS.

BTW, nice car! Almost as fast as Shep and Rau's :)

posted by  UK-DSMer

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