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I'm looking for a cheap rwd turbo car. I'm currently driving a '97 jeep cherokee sport that i purchased for 250 as my first car and i'd love to get a 240sx and do the swap but its a bit costly. Now when i say cheap i'm talking about 2k-3k i'm willing to spend and yes i know i could do the swap and everything on the 240sx for around that. I've checked out the 944's so i'm not opposed to european cars.

posted by  littlledevil696

What exactly is your point? I'm assuming you have one.

posted by  vwhobo

My point is i would like a cheap rwd turbo car. I'm looking for suggestions. Sorry if i rambled and got off course on the last post i just do that once in awhile when i talk about 240's.

posted by  littlledevil696

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