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I was orginaly looking for some lexus's but this 1997 Q45 caught my eye!

I am not very familiar with the Infiniti's. How is the quality of their parts and how many miles do most 96,97 & 98 infinitis get before a new engine is needed?

The infiniti Q45 I am looking at is very nice, its black leather, black exterior, and tinted windows. Here is some information about it
Year: 1997 Make: Infiniti
Model: Q 45 Internet Price: $10,850 *
Color: BLACK Mileage: 95,696
Engine: V8 4.1 Liter Transmission: AUTO

The thing that really worries me is the Mileage (and the price because it has so many miles on it) is that ok for this type of Infiniti and does it have many more miles to come?


posted by  lokobreed

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