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Hi everybody, I was wondering how I could increase my hp on my 94 honda civic dx coupe. I already have exhaust, intake, and lowering springs. Ya know, the common stuff everyone does to them. It's a pretty fun car to drive but I'm ready to up the hp and/or decrease the weight of the car (whatever makes it faster). I know I don't want to spend the money on a turbo kit. Just basic upgrades with noticable results. I heard something about a book I could buy with tons of little secrets for hp increases just about honda's. Does anyone know if this book exists? Thanks...

posted by  240RB20DET

http://www.haynes.co.uk/wcsstore/HaynesPublishing/images/Bookjackets/150sca ns/4078.jpg

Thats what i got its got some good tips on modifying and if you want turning it into a utter rice car.. since im not bothered about either of them issues on my car (honda civic as well) the problem is im not sure if you can get this book in the states.


So i found this Alan paradise's book civic duty its about history and moddifying cars.. its sort of a coffee table book on how to modify your civic for beginners. i cant really say if it could be any use to you since its probably gonna focus on people who own a civic Si.

Anyway good luck matey :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

Nitrous, cheap power.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Lowering "springs" gives you 200 extra HP. How much more do you need? Well, if you need more, get the stickers. Get the ones that are worth 5 HP a piece.

Intake and exhaust are needed for an internal combustion engine to run. Are you sure you didn't have those items already?

F******* ricer talk!!!!!!! :banghead: :banghead:

Easy on the exclamation marks :banghead:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Honda blocks are so cheap now, the easiest way to gain some good HP would be engine swap. That or buy a honda small block and build it as you go along, then when that puppy is ready and primed pop it in that chassis pulling about 400BHP.

Er um.. Zex nitrous kits tend to do the job also.

posted by  DSMer

You can get a B18b engine for only $800-$1000 brand new. Great engine for a turbo build.

posted by  thunderbird1100

LOL :laughing:
dewd u need 2 get a massive spoiler on yer car, instant 25 HP gain


posted by  Simo

Or the LED lights that go on your windsheild washer sprayers, I heard they'll turn your civic into a 12 second car.

posted by  Zalight

Hi, I work for a company called TRTautotech and we can get you anything and everything for that car. Performance wise and look-wise. Give us a call at 718-819-0801. We may have a couple of items on sale for that car as well. We carry all the name brands and off brand parts.

posted by  TRTautotech.com

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