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right now im saving for a eclipse and i just looked at some pics of the 2006 and its the ugliest thing i've ever seen!


someone please PLEASE tell me this is only a far off concept cause its so incredibly ugly! :banghead:

posted by  101001

Sorry to burst your bubble bud, but this topic has been covered quite a few times...


Thumb through, you'll find it quite interesting...

posted by  DSMer

oh thanks :thumbs:
i'd like to think that this isn't gonna be anywhere close to the real thing because this thing is so ugly that how are they gonna expect to make money, if its true that it will take time to grow on you, then its no good, it will still not look hot. :screwy:

posted by  101001

Look at the 3g eclipse, they are so ugly they fall apart in the first few years of ownership :laughing: . Seriously, you want an Eclipse get a 1g AWD or a 2g AWD with a 1g swap (6 bolt). The 4g Eclipse is getting shitty engines yet again (borrowed straight from the Galant, the 2.4 and 3.8). I REALLY wish Mopar wasn't ruining such a reputable company like they were back in the day. Seems like the Eclipse just gets worse and worse as the generations go on....

posted by  thunderbird1100

Somone feels my pain... Mitsubishi has something seriously wrong with them. How hard can it be to ruin series of cars that were dominating back in 90-98. The V6 just tottaly killed it, and it was'nt even turbo'ed. The Lancer and the Eclipse have always shared the same engine since day one. The 2000 Eclipse should have an Evo 5 or Evo 8 Engine in it. Even if it was butt ugly, the peformance could save the car name. The only thing bad about this is that I see the Evo leaning towards a similar V6. I can only pray that such a thing never happens........

I think Mitsubishi tried to copy similar sales schemes from Nissan, because Nissan 350Z's and Maximas have the same engine just as the Eclipse shares the same V6 witht he Diamante. Although Nissan put a little more care into design of the 350Z, and re-tuning of the ECU. Mitsubishi fell off somwhere, but I think this new prototype just might be the deciding factor if Mitsubishi can still hold its own in the import performance world. Looks like they are still chasing after Nissan(How the new Skyline has a new redesigned body) with the way they molded that eclipse into a supercar look-a-like... I'm hoping and waiting for the next series of Mitsubishi's........

posted by  DSMer

hmm well this is all very good to know.

I was looking at purchasing a 2005 RSX but the already not so great front got redone and i think it looks even worse.

I was also looking at a toyota celica, but it seems like absolutely everyone has those, where I live theres no mitsubishi or acura dealer so thats one of the percs of gettings one.

I also really want to get it brand new not used. If you guys have any cars that are in the 16 - 25 grand base price range post a link, because it feels like i've looked all over. Theres really not as many good looking cars as i used to think :doh:

posted by  101001

I actually heard the 4g64 (in the 3g 2.4 Eclipse) isnt too bad of an engine (some places making decent power from them turbocharged). What's your take on it? Any experience with it? Only problem still remaining is everything else falling apart :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Nah, I'm not to pasionate about the 4G64. I know of people who put bored out 2.2L 4G63's in 3G Eclipses. Now that sounds like fun.... Also I've read an article about a Twin Turboed 3G Eclipse. Same setup as the 3000GT.

posted by  DSMer

i give this new eclipse an impressive two thumbs.... down

posted by  mazda6man

i think it looks ok, but it's a little too big


posted by  philsshon

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