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Haha, not its not an enzo but it is the new next gen Honda NSX. pg .jpg

What do you guys think? Oh yeah and since the 350Z broke the 276HP agreement this bad girl will have more than 276 ponies. Oh yeah :mrgreen: .

"The Honda Sports Concept is a thinly veiled preview of the next NSX using a development of the existing NSX’s high-revving 3.2-litre V6 tuned to develop ‘more than 300bhp'."

posted by  DSMer

We've been discussing this for months on a Honda forum, and from what insiders gather the next gen NSX will be powered by a turbocharged 3.5L V6. Producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 400hp. Which is good. They said the target weight was going to be 2850lbs...but it's looking to settle more around 3000lbs now.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well I myself am not 100% sure of the statistics of the car. Not saying you're wrong, but I would'nt expect all the rumors to be true. 400BHP on a stock Honda car seems a little vividly wild to even an NSX's immagination. I mean they are just barley breaching the 280BHP range, even though the Nissan Z33 broke all the barriers of the unoficial 278HP contract when they dynoed at damn well near 283-290BHP. That would'nt give Honda any reason to jump up to 400.

The things floating arround about the performance aspects of this car just seem to be a little farfetched. My information came from so I'm just gonna stick with the 3.2L V6 at 300+BHP. Honestly I would love to see a Honda V6 motor pushing 400BHP, that would just up the stakes. Especially since the new V6 Skyline is supposedly going to have 360+BHP, I could only expect Honda to rebuttle such a car with a 400BHP super car. Iono, only time will tell.....

posted by  DSMer

NSX...Asian Enzo?

I always thought the NSX was no good as a supercar. I don't see the Asian Enzo connection.

I like NSX styling, but engine performance is no match compared to some cheaper cars.

posted by  MaChao

This is one of the few concepts i've seen lately that I think is actually attractive. I haven't heard anything about the engine but I do like the styling.

:clap: To honda! :thumbs:

It's good to see a car company expanding on a current model instead of taking a completly different path. You know, like nissan and the R35. The only similarities I see in the R34 and R35, are the taillights. Aesthetically speaking of course.

posted by  Zalight is where we talked about the engines (been a member for over a year there). Most settled on that idea and I think even the moderators agree (who constantly are snooting around Honda and thier engineers). You See, Honda realizes the NSX is a laughed at tool right now. Only Honda owners know how to make this thing a true exotic that everyone else can like. It's called getting one and throwing a supercharger on it for output around 400hp. Honda realized this about 8 years back around when the C5 came out and it had 350hp and later the Z06 having 405hp. They started a V-8 rogram for the NSX and Legend/RL. Until recently (in the past few years) it was just cancelled completely. The new generation RL has a 300hp 3.5L v6 and the NSX is still and unknown at this point. This $50k car was attacking the $90k NSX on the road course (the NSX's domain) and sometimes beating it. While most Honda owners would agree with me the NSX is still a much better car for the money simply becuase you get WAY better quality (handbuilt, interior isn't full of cheap plastics {ala C5} etc...) and that's why most people decide to buy a Honda over any other car next to their reliability history.

The HSC was made for the public to see what maybe the next NSX could look like. In no way was it meant to showcase the next engine the NSX was going to have. Honda has this way of keeping things like that under wraps until a month or so before launch, or even until the day of launch. They could make a H/O DOHC 24v 3.5L V-6 (JGTC anyone?) for it and have around 350-360hp...but it still won't have the biggest thing NSX owners yearn for. Which is torque. Right now the NSX pumps out a paulty 224ft-lbs but does come at a reasonable 5500rpms (for the way this engine revs it DOES have a pretty good torque curve). Now an N/A 3.5 might make 250-260ft-lbs but that's still too low. How do you fix this? Go back to the old days of Honda. Turbo it. This would easily give it 400hp and 350-400ftlbs of torque. Easily slicing the NSX back up in the high end of exotics and becoming yet again as the 'Affordable Exotic'.

Just so you know, recently the 'agreement' between the japanese manufacturers was thrown out by all manufacturers (autoweek article). Cars way before the Z33 were even making above 276hp. The Z32 Twin Turbo Fairlady was known to make the USDM power rating of 300hp. The NSX and NSX-R with the 3.2 was known to make the USDM rating of 290hp over there. Also the GTO was known to do 300-320hp over there like the USDM rating. Lastly the one that stands out the most was the Supra which also was known to make around 300hp like its USDM counterpart. They just simply de-rated these cars to 276hp to make everyone happy.

posted by  thunderbird1100

sweet car!

posted by  Ki2AY

the honda HSC is ok.. it certainly isnt what id call great.. espically the rear.. horrid :ohcrap: . The honda HSC is suppose to replace the nsx.. they have done ok rumours where it was suppose to put out 400bhp but it now they estimating it to put out 300 bhp. its ok but to be honest it doesnt have me that excited. im looking foward to the skyline R35 :smoke:

posted by  Lukaz

when is this badass coming out and how much will it cost to own one of these puppies

posted by  japcarfan

when is the skyline coming out?

posted by  japcarfan

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