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OK, I have a 94 Talon and I want to put a 94 eclipse body kit on so does that mean that I will have to find a way to put 94 eclipse tail light's on it? And if so is that hard to do? Mind you im only 16 and I don't know much about car's but I really wanna hook this Talon up. So any help would be appreciated...And another quick question..Is the Talon made by an American company or a over sea's one like Eclipse?

posted by  Skyline_R34

eagle is a "domestic" company like acura is us but honda is japanese. any way as far as tail lights the eclipse tailights will fit on your car perfectly and line up perfectly with any eclipse body kits, and changing out the light is just a few screws. just pull out the plastic liner in the "trunk" and you will see the screws for the tailights

posted by  nektratta

---> DSM <---

eclipse, talon, laser where all made in the US... DSM means Diamond Star Motors... here is the short, short version.... pretty much it means that Chrysler and Mitsubishi made a deal and gave birth to those 3 cars.... they are all the same... made here in the USA but they just tend to look a tap different just to throw you off...

but yeah... the kit will fit... :mrgreen:

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

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