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i wanna turbo charge my 89 240sx fastback it has a KA24DE engine and i dont kno if i can put a turbo in it and if i can, can u guys tell me whut i have to do?? hehe sorrie i kno almost nothing about cars

posted by  Vi3tkidd916

you can put a turbo on a KA24de. but it would be cheaper if you just replaced the motor with a sr20det

posted by  57ock

You CAN find a turbo for the KA, but its kinda hard to find one, and would be kinda expensive, at the moment, they are only starting to get popular. It would be a safe bet to go with the SR with the garrett turbo.

posted by  s13_Drifter

Yes, you'd be way better off going with the SR20DET(Red Top). They run about $1,500 at totalJDM. Its alot more cost effective to put in a turboed motor rather than turbo your motor in this situation.

posted by  DSMer

ok i think ill just go with the sr20 but u kno where i can get the one for my year for cheap??? thx pplz if u can tell me

posted by  Vi3tkidd916

Well before you go off with the SR20DET. What kind of application are you going to use this engine for? If you're primary concern is acceleration and or 1/4rth times. The current motor you have in your chassis (KA24DE) is the better application for the job. If you're planning on doing some drifting, then the SR20DET would be the better application for the job. Now if you're not to much of a drifter and are more of a street guy, then I'd suggest you keep your current motor, rebuild it, then turbo that bad fella. A few aftermarket internals, a nice boost controller, good fuel delivery, and some nice street Nittos and you're 240SX will smoke most SR20DET's out there. However if you like to drift more often than you drag the SR20-T would prove performance in both applications.

Give yourself some time to think it over. Remember, at the end of the day... only you decides what goes on your car..

posted by  DSMer

For bang for bucks, the sr20 is hard to beat. Just remember, people will tell you, the Sr20 isn't that expensive to do up. Trust me, if you want serious acceleration, it's going to cost you shit loads. That goes for the KA24 too. But for a quick car, stick with the sr20det. And replace the diff to a helical, turbo. exhaust, intercooler and fuel system. No internals will be needed

posted by  57ock

Again, I have to stress this not to be an ass but only to clear up common myths. Its seems that you don't have enough information behind this subject to place any valuble imput. Its not cheaper to put an SR20 into a 240SX, its just more efficient for drifting. Contrary to popular belief, it cost more than just an engine price and shipping to do an engine swap. It could well off end up costing him more than $3000+ to do an engine swap. However a simple turbo setup could cost anywhere from $800-$2000.

Again you say for a "quick car". Quick as in top speed, 1/4rth, 0-60, lap times? What? If hes gonna stick to straight line racing, the KA24 is more than enough for that application. As I have explained before the KA24(when turboed) is proven to be faster than a 180SX and or 240SX with SR20T swap.

posted by  DSMer

Unfortunately, No one I know in Australia does anything with KA24. As it wasn't and isn't a popular motor here. In addition to that, there are 3 Sr20det motors you can choose from. Red top GTiR motor. 4wd only. Red top Sr20det rwd. Black top VVT sr20det. The last one is by far the most expensive. But it also depends on your location in the world. In Australia, Skylines and other imported cars are very common. Due to that, replacement motors are easy to obtain.

As you where saying about the KA24. If you install a 320hp turbo on a KA24 and replace the pistons. It should beat a standard red top sr20det with factory 280hp turbo. KA24 has a longer stroke vs the shorter stroke from the Sr20. Shorter stroke is far better for higher revving. If you obtain a VVT sr20det from a s15. The turbo as standard is rated to 320hp. And has the added bonus of VVT on the intake. So straight out of the factory you can have 200 rear wheel kilowatts without changing anything apart from the exhaust and intercooler. Which you would have to do on the KA24 anyway.

So to sum that up, If the KA24 receives a larger turbo. It should be faster.

posted by  57ock

A good mate of mine Trent owns a s13 Silvia with Rb25det. Factory turbo etc. Only modifications are exhaust and intercooler. Another mate owns a s15 Silvia with aftermarket intercooler and exhaust. Both went to CES to have the parts fitted. Yet the sr20 powered Silvia beats the rb25det powered silvia in every race. That's mod for mod.

posted by  57ock

ummmm i made a mistake on my engine its a ka24e not a de will that effect it n im goin for more of the wuarter mile times, not to much of a drifter VERY BAD experiaces :banghead:

posted by  Vi3tkidd916

Personally I would keep the KA motor as opposed to the SR partley because noone in you area has one you said 3 have SR's but no KA. Keeping it would make it a "Rare" car in your area especially if you can tune it to make some hellacious power. I myself have a 90 KA24E and i am not even messing with turbo iam going to bore the cyclinders and and upgrade everything internal as well as external and then i am going to race a friend who has an upgraded SR20DET then we will see what a naturally aspirated KA can do.

posted by  KA Drifter

the sr20 with the vvt functin first came out in the S14 blacktop, not s15. its proven that it really doesnt add power, maybe 1 or 2hp, but the reason why that blacktop has more power is due to the larger turbo packed on the s14 blacktop compared to the one on the s13 redtop.

the s15 one has an even bigger turbo, and a few other mods. there was something written about this a while back in these forums.

posted by  Inygknok

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