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I have a 94 Honda Accord. I've tried a few different muffler/exhaust combos, and quickly finding that for the Accord, getting the right sound is like doing physics class. So far, the combos I've tried were just no-name bargain bin or junkyard parts (I can't afford putting on a $1000 exhaust system on and have it sound like a lawnmower). All of them have been extremely loud, but in a bad way. The exhausts so far lose the high frequency sound waves and the low frequencies are increased dramatically giving it a terrible droning sound. I guess what I need to know is, ANY OF YOU ACCORD OWNERS OUT THERE who have installed a quality exhaust system that sounds good, tell me! And when I say good, I mean damn good. Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you.

Mike Mac

posted by  mikemac

GF 95 accord had a magnaflow which sounded nice check it out

posted by  beemerguy

I'll check it out. Thanks.

posted by  mikemac

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