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man, i have a sentra 96 gxe, which is the basic, 1.6L. i have been looked all around and see no turbo for this crap. do they even make turbo for that small engine? if they don't, i think i need to put a 2.0L then, :banghead: the thing is i dont' know a lot about car, my question is can i put a 2.0L engine from a sentra st-r? or can i put a honda enigne in the sentra? shit, i know i sound like a retart, but please help!!!

posted by  my sentra

of course they make a turbo for 1.6l engines... look at hondas... you can use any turbo on any car... the only thing you need to worry about is how your gunna get it actually connected to the engine... and to do that, you need turbo exhaust headers. you dont need to drop in a new motor. the thing youre probably thinking of is that they probably dont make a turbo KIT (i.e. everything youll need all in one package) so, if youre going to buy a turbo, buy a turbo, turbo exhaust manifold, down piping, intercooler, youle need an oil line and tap them into the oilpan, and youll need some piping to get all of your brand new forced air under extra PSI into your intercooler and back into your intake...

posted by  mazda6man

sound like know a lot of these, so a package is like you order from some company and they make it for you?
i want to change the engine first, because working on a 1.6L engine just like wasting time, right, what engine you think it's good?

posted by  my sentra

All engines have room to work with. Its the matter of if the engine is commonly modified and allready has shelves of aftermarket products out. Replacing your engine is gonna cost just as much as a turbo kit would if not more. I'm almost certain they make turbo kits for the Sentra 1.6, but they don't come cheap. You're looking upwards of $1,200, possibly lower if you can build some of the parts, or buy used ones.

I suggest you read up on your motor, learn all the things like its compression ratio, displacement size, power ratings etc... You may not know all of these things I listed, but after searching arround on our friend google you'll learn about them. In order to modify your engine, you must first understand why it works the way it does. The how will come only after you understand the why.

posted by  DSMer

look for the sr20, good motor and it'll problebly fit in your sentra. The upside is it has a bunch of aftermarket parts for it.

posted by  s13_Drifter

so you think i could put a 2.0L engine to my sentra? well, is it going to be tough? anybody know some website for people did change the engine? :ohcrap:

posted by  my sentra

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