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i have 2,500 dollars plus my sister is going to give me about 5grand which gives me 7,500 plus i can make payments what would be a badass import that i could buy a sup up? i mean in over all if yall had 7,500dollars what would you get?

posted by  351ci-mustang

...saving the money for the Mustang.

posted by  lutz

Hey hows about you give us more information than $7,500. How about something like performance, handling, luxery etc.. There are far to many imports under $7,500 for us to pick. You need to give more incite on what you want.

Read this (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=5600) then try posting that again.

posted by  DSMer

man it is hard to say i want something with a nice bodykit. something half decent (runs) or something that i can buy a bodykit for? and spoiler and rims etc...

posted by  351ci-mustang


posted by  351ci-mustang

I would get a 95-99 Eclipse GSX or GST. I got a GSX and it's a beauty! Hope I helped.

posted by  Skyline_R34

dude get a 6th gen celica if u want japan import or for euro import get a audi 90 the year 85 - 94 its cheap....

posted by  BigBadBrat

ya get an eclipse

posted by  EzMustang

hey why dont you just get a station wagon? looks real good with the wood.. hahahaha damn dude just get a car who the hell cares what they think

posted by  EzMustang

:doh: dont rice your car :banghead:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Same, I have a 93 Eclipse GS and have no compliants thusfar.

posted by  FeaRx

I know its dreaming and way too expensive. Aim high. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Look for a totalled one. 400 hp, active suspension (does over 1.0+g) 0-60 in 3.5 secs (some of the numbers maybe off; it's been awhile) and it looks more or less like a bog standard 500 series. And it sits about four. The cops will miss you while they look for the stangs and the souped up imports!!! A Ferrari (sp) would be nice. Like an F50! Heck an Honda S2000 would be sweet too.

Later dudes,

(Off the crack now!!!)

posted by  Dan_Solo

I like my Nissan NX2000. They made them for three years here in the U.S and They have the SR20DE Engine and 140 horses with only 2150lbs or so. With about 4-5G in upgrades youo cant lose to anything on the street. You can have a Turbo, body kit, seats, lights, hood, and so on. It is the most underrated car out there. Look on www.sr20forum.com www.ohionissans.com and on cardomain.com Mines for sale too if you like them

Nissan_SHIFT (DID I mention its a T-Top car?

Measure it up against other cars. www.car-stats.com

posted by  KJester2008

People might laugh when i say its only 140 horses so I figured I would explain a small bit- It would beat the Eclipse GST and the GSX would be close depending on the driver baout .4seconds slower. Idk what you have to pay for an Eclipse but its more than an NX2000. It would rape a Celica GT-S 2002.

posted by  KJester2008

Haha. I find it funny when people have their head so far up their cars asses they start to imagine falicys about its potential compared to other cars. What is that NX2000 pulling like 16's stock(according to your information)? It "MAY" be able to(in rare occasions) take on a GS-T on a good day, but the GSX is out of your range in stock form, and no NX2000 would ever be able to touch a GSX in the modified category. The NX2000 is'nt a bad car, but it would be better compared to civic's, accord's, CRX's, prelude's, galant VR-4's, celica's, and FWD alike.

For the record, a good 1g GS-T cost about $800-$3000. A 1G GSX cost about $2000-$5000. 2g GS-T/GSX could cost about $5000-$15000+.

I assume you were reffering to the 1G DSM's, wich in that case are comparible to a NX2000, and even if they run a few hundred more its worth it in the longer run. As the DSM has the more potential than an NX2000.

posted by  DSMer

I would go for an older Prelude or Integra- lots of aftermarket parts available. Then again you can get aftermarket parts for just about any car if you look hard enough.

If you've got the time buy a civic or crx and drop in a bigger motor. Anything with a dropped in motor that still looks close to stock makes for lots of fun on the strip... sleepers are great. :thumbs:

posted by  nitehawk_87

Ford Laser. :thumbs:

posted by  SUPRA'S ARE GAY

i would get ur self a 91 nissan 240sx fastback , i have one an they fly with the right modds beleive me i put a rear wheel limited slip differential so possi traction a dc sport headers apexi n1 dual exhaust aem cold air intake just that i screw lol butt now im looking into new motor prolly sr with turbo about 2500 for it these cars are the car i fu want one not too common an if u want power and speed

posted by  jojoss


And with 7500, I'd pick up a later model, low mileage 240, maybe a 94 or 95, SE. Then put the remaining cash flow into turbo/exhaust/body kit and body kit fitting/headlights/ taillights.
someday, she will be mine.
(though I plan on buying an older model. circa 1991)

hehe sorry i went crazy with pics. :D I <3 240's.
does any one know the fastest street legal 240sx? =/

posted by  b_DuB13

For your information these are 2 different models.


the 200sx.


And the 180sx, both with the great sr20 engine.

posted by  GreekWarrior

I have a question. are the 240sx like the silvia. Are they the same car or not because they really look alike.

posted by  CarEXPERT

Get a 99 integra. :hi:

posted by  99integra

Same car, just some slightly different fascia. We also didn't get any version of the SR20 which is what comes in the Silvia (we got the KA24, I believe the only car we got in the US with the SR20 was the Sentra SE-R). Visual difference like the difference between a JDM ITR and a USDM ITR.

posted by  Bino

Don't Buy A CIVIC What ever you don't buy one. Yeah they can look cool and perform pretty good only after youve pu of 25 G's into it. I would look into getting an early 90's Supra or a 240 SX and keep some money for it

posted by  JDMprelude92

You can't really find a 240sx without a lot of mileage on them. But I would still take one.

posted by  99integra

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