I need parts for a 1992 mettalic dark green Daihatsu Applause

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I need the right light and turning light, the front mask and the right, the thing over the wheel, I dont know what it's called in English.

I just had a car crash. Was going in the far left lane, hit the throttle a bit to cross to the middle one, saw the guy that was on the traffic light too late, tried to brake and avoid him, and hit him at some 20 km/h. My right light is fecked, the front mask and the right... you know the thing over the wheel. At least some 750-1000$ of damage, and you cant get parts in Bosnia, only in Croatia or Serbia. But I'm calm, the only I'm not worried about the car, I just cant listen to my parents. i just got back from my school trip yesterday, drove the car for 30 minutes today before hitting it. In my defence, I wasnt driving over the limit, the guy in front of me didnt start, altho the light was on yellow, going on green and I could have probably stopped if I had decent tires instead of my fecked ones. My dad has taken my keys, and I'll probably get at least a 150$ fine. There were 4 of my mates with me in the car, and we're all OK, including the guy I hit. The car is still drivable BTW, and I know it's my fault. All I want my dad to understand is that it's happened to better drivers than me, and that it could happen to anyone. ****, he had a car crash when he was 17 driving without a licence!

Why the **** did this happen to me??? I really didnt need this...

posted by  Zlatan

I just saw I posted this in the wrong subforum, I'm sorry. Could someone please move it to the right place?

posted by  Zlatan

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