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Nissan's newest hot car for 2005 has arrived in the form of an Altima. This new hot Altima is supposed to be released in a few weeks, but so far I haven't even heard one review of it. In fact, it was like not too long ago that Nissan came out with the cars official horsepower rating (around 260 hp). Not that big of an increase from the top Altima model, the 3.5 SE V6, which has 250 hp. But whats weird is that I've read some articles which said it has 265 hp. Not that thats a huge difference in horsepower, but I was just wondering what you guys have heard about it, and any speculations on what its performance figures might be. I mean, I don't even know what the current 3.5 SE Altima's performance figures are :doh:

BTW, here are some pics for those of you who haven't seen it yet

posted by  STi Guy

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