b16 turbo or h22 turbo?

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besides having aem's cold air intake and tanabe's exhaust my si is stock...how much more horsepower would i gain if i turbocharge it?

posted by  climaxx

look into the turbo kit from JG Edelbrock. i just sold a 91 integra w/a b16 in it, and that was the kit i was gonna use. something like 309 wheel horsepower. not too shabby at all.

posted by  boostd5

My Car of the future ive set my hopes on is a Civic Type R. 1998 Grey market model.

the B16 engine is quite a nice engine as standard but i would like to stick a Revshard Stage III turbo kit. The B16 i think is enough engine wise!! :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

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