need desparate help!!! i dunno wut 2 do w/ a rb26dett engine

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i alreadi bought a rb26dett engine and tranny, but i dunt kno wut 2 put it in2?? i hav no current car, i sold it. so basicalli i need help on which shell 2 buy, i want 2 buy a evo5 shell but im worried about da rb26 not fittin, i found like 5 bare shells on sale. da 2nd plan is gettin a 240sx and change da drivetrain 2 awd, but i love da evo's suspension and superlite body, and its looks!! so can u ppl jus plz help me as much as possibl!!

posted by  fury604

Dude, RB26DETT is a north / south engine. There's no way u would be able to fit it in a evo5. The evo motor is mounted east/west

Rb26 fit well in a silvia or a 240sx. But it will go much better if you change the sump and gearbox so its only a rwd. Rb25det gearboxs aren't hard to come by.

You need to do the engine mounts. pipe work etc etc. A very expensive conversion.

It used to be a popular conversion a few years ago here for people who have r32 Gtst (rb20det). But its cheaper just to buy a r32 gtr. So there's no point :)

And with the extra weight in the front of the 240sx. You lose a lot of in corner handling.

posted by  57ock

thx man, i guess i hav 2 sell mah rb26dett. i like da evo 2 much, ill jus buy a 4g63type 2.0 and put it in2 a evo 5 shell. Ne1 kno where i can get a 4g63?? i dun want da one da eclipse is runnin, i mean da lancer evo version. big hp diff, eclipse:210 hp, lancer:276 hp....

posted by  fury604

dude.. the eclipse and evo don't even posses the same engine.. eclipse = 4G63, evo = 4G63T... BIIIIIG difference.. and also.. you should try and look for an engine at a Mitsubishi wreckers.. that'd be a good idea..

posted by  HyundaGuy

Just a word of advice: Check the dates before posting :thumbs:

posted by  TurboLag

lol he was replying to a post thats 2 years old, bet the guys not even here anymore

posted by  Accord_Man

hahaha.. that's funny! :orglaugh:

posted by  newuser03

i'm bored, what else am i ment to do?

posted by  HyundaGuy

Hyunda u post way to frikiing much, i mean look at this thread, you were the last post in over half of them on this page :banghead: to much time on ur hands :2cents:

posted by  Stem

yeah i've got to much since i lost my license, i've got until december 14 of this year to get it back, it's gonna take forever!!

posted by  HyundaGuy

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