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I want to buy a car but don't know what to buy. do you think mr2 is reliable? i heard they have engine problems because the engine is in the back.? how much is mr2 in the USA cause in Australia they are like 18grand

posted by  alex_s249

Well, at least we have a car to start with. The MR2 does a MR layout, wich means (M)id-engine (R)ear wheel drive. Wich basicly means the engine is mounted behind the driver but infront of the rear wheels. This setup is used for an ideal weight distribution on cars. Yes the MR2 is very reliable, and the fact that the engine is in the rear does not affect its reliability anymore so than the engine being in the front. It just makes installing parts on it a pain and a half. Althought, from what experiecned drivers tell me, driving a MR car requires a little more tallent than just any ordinary FF, but you should have no problem if you're cautious.

If you are finding an MR2 for $18k, then you are proabably looking at a 2000-04 MR2 Spyder or MR-S(if they have them in australia). What I think you are looking for is a 2nd generation 1990-95 MR2. I've seen some of these as cheap as $800 all the way up to $8000 in almost perfect condition. They are damn good cars. I would'nt mind owning one and adding a few modifications to it.

This page ( contains all the basic information you want to know about the MR2. Do a little reading, come back and post some more questions.

If you're still intrested in the MR2 by the time you are done reading that page. Here ( are some links to where you can find information on aftermarket upgrades and misc. options for the car. Just in case you may be interested in purchasing mods. This should get you started in the right direction. Good Luck :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

get a mr2 man my friend has one and yeah there pretty reliable and there nice.

posted by  351ci-mustang

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