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I know in the past, there were rumors that Honda wanted to add a Factory Performance option to its hot cars (ex. Civic, Accord, etc.) in the future. What I was wondering is if this really is an option on Hondas. I know for 2003, there was rumored to be a Honda Accord FP Package, reserved only for the coupe version of the Accord. Does anyone know if a factory performance option was really offered with the 2003 Accord coupe?

posted by  STi Guy

Not sure if it was offered on it or not, google it. But I know my friend has a 03 HFP Coupe Accord. Although his was installed well after he obtained the car. Great idea though, just like A-Spec. They have an HFP for the Civic Si. They also have A-Spec packages offered on the TL/TSX/MDX(prototype)/RSX.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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