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ok, i want 2 get a 4g63, not da crappy one da eclipse has, but da real one da lancer evolution 4g63, im not sure if its actualli called da 4g63turbo, im not sure, but does anyone kno where i can get one?? im willin 2 pay about 5000 cdn, dats about 4000us, at least from an evo5, nefin b4 is way 2 old!!! thx, if u could provide ne help

posted by  fury604

I'm sorry, I'd like to help you but I seem to have lost my ebonics to english dictionary.

posted by  vwhobo

srri, man, chat online too much, here let me say it in english. hahah. I want to get a 4g62, not the crappy one the eclipse has, but the real one, the lancer has. I am not sure if the lancer has the 4g63 or the 4g63t. But does anyone know where i can get one??? I am willing to pay about 5000cdn, about 4000us. The engine cant be from any vehicle older then a Evolution 5, thx

posted by  fury604

4G63T's come in lancer's and vr4 galants.. E39A Galants.. power range's from 240hp - 280hp..

from what i remember.. you can get a 4G63 half cut from either an E39A VR-4 Galant or a Evolution 4 half cut.. for something like $3,500aus

i believe that you would be able to pick up a Evolution 5 4G63T for around $4,000aus as a half cut if that's what you really needed.. only problem with that is finding a box to go with it.

posted by  HyundaGuy

This thread is very old, no point in reviving it. He's better off in purchasing a R32 for 12k CDN, or 8k USD. RB26 motors have more potential, since it has more displacement, max output for a 4G63T (at least that ive heard of) is 768hp, for a RB26DETT is 1300+ hp (Veilside Skyline R34).

posted by  aerith

I hate this myth that keeps going around. Do you really think its easy to acheive such high hp levels out of these engines? Do you think it's easy to sustain such high power levels? Is there a point to having such high power levels? The same applies to 2JZ, its a myth that the engine can hold so much power for any amount of time.

posted by  importluva

oooold Threaaad

posted by  TurboLag

why the freaking hell do ppl keep saying that the 4g63 on the eclipse is fake and the one on the lancer is real??? its the same damn freaking engine people!!!!!

a 4G63T is a 4G63T. thats it. how come the lancer has more power? simple. on evo engines, different turbos are used to make the extra power, as if they were rally cars (as u know, evos are extremely common in rally events). also, usually, the 4g63t's on evos have a few extra upgrades which can vary from stronger internals, and maybe a few extra tricks around the engine, but its still the very same engine.

u could say that an evo 4g63t is just a tuned up 4g63t, but its still the same engine. with the proper money, skill, and knowledge, u can get both to the same place.

posted by  Inygknok

maybe i'm mistaken, sorry if i've given false information.

posted by  HyundaGuy

I'm not saying its easier to achieve these power levels. Alot of work, money, and research is needed to achieve any type of efficient horsepower increase. And the 1300+hp R34 is not a myth. It exists, theres a video showing it doing the top speed run. It's top speed was 346.20 KM/H but thats not at full boost, i think it was at 60-75% boost. They tried the last run at full boost, blew the head gasket.

posted by  aerith

look at the 99 veilside supra, that has 1000hp and it was a street car, the 02 veilside supra has somethin' like 1250hp and the JUN supra is now pushed from 942hp to 1322hp, all power level's are possible, as was last said, it takes a lot of time, money, research and effort to reach these types of power levels... but.. it is acheivable.

i'm sure it's probably possible to acheive 1000hp out of something like a 4A-GE engine from an AE101 or AE111, not AE86... it just takes a shyt load of money, time, effort and research.

posted by  HyundaGuy

I will never stop believing....... :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Christos, you cack me up buddy, lol!

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