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is it jus me or the 94 accord stock seats are really uncomfortable?

seating on a nissan pulsar seats is wayyy comfortable

posted by  BigBadBrat

my '95 accord's seats are pretty comfortable if you ask me, they are probably some of the best manually adjustable, cloth seats in an older car around.

posted by  moostang104314

My 90 Accord cloth seats are pretty damn comfortable for a 15 year old car. My friend has the same gen Accord as you (which is a 96) but it has leather seats, and they are VERY comfortable.

posted by  thunderbird1100


I find my 90 accord seats uncomfortable. They lack leg support (ie the seat is too low.) I used to have to run cruise to get my leg up on long trips. I'm like 6' 3". I don't know about the ex's ex-r's though, they may have had better seats with more adjustments...



posted by  Dan_Solo

I'm 6'5, sure it's a tighter fit than I'd like, but I find if I tilt the seat back a bit, it's very comfortable. Sure it's not like 2004 Accord LX seats...but you can't ask for much more from a car built in 1989-1990 and was $14k. It's my daily driver/beater/sound car. Fits it's comfortable,economical and roomy (compared to my ZX) aspect.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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