sentra v.s. skyline?

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my friend asked me to race with his skyline v.s. my sentra. YA RIGHT, he is going to beat me without put the shift to 3rd gear. even though i know i can't beat him, not a skyline. but i could knock down some civics. i heard sentra is better than civic, the ga16 engine sentra had more potential. anyone have a civic and want to race with me? :smoke: lol, just kidding!! some you guys think i should race with my friend? just to show how suck my car compare to his? i think it might be fun though. :banghead: if i really going to race with him, i will follow up the race

posted by  my sentra

What type of Skyline is it? R32, R33, R34, GTR, GTSt?

posted by  GreekWarrior

Sentra better than a Civic? Wich Civic? There are way to many Civic and Civic powerplants to say that the Nissan Sentra is overall "better" than a Civic. By consumer reports I'd have to go with the Civic over the Sentra any day.

posted by  DSMer

It depemds on what u mean by "better" u mean faster, better top speed, acceleration, price?...what do mean by "better"?

posted by  chevypwr6

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