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Alright I got a question something a newbie would ask but I don't know enough about preludes. I have a 96 integra GSR and am looking at selling it and buying a 98 prelude. I have i/h/e on my gsr and say the prelude has the same mods and both have good drivers behind the wheel ,now I know some of the specs on the preludes but not all of them so maybe weight is a factor etc. but in a race which car would win?

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Prelude all da way, much more horsepower and torque...

posted by  JDM-Racer

preludes are the best, im plannin on gettin one of those soon, probably 98 or newer

posted by  Dcalado_

2.2L dohc v-tec 190 bhp and 156 ft.lbs < all stock #'s fcukn things a torque monster

posted by  99hatch

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