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I own a 95 integra Ls and i am planning on doing an engine swap and i dont know to much about it but i have saved up the money. I was looking for ideas what kind of engine i should get from what car and what all do i need. I live here in San Diego and i dont know of anywhere that can do it so if someone knows where i could get it done at. Will i also need a new transmission i dont know to much about any of it so if someone could give me the whole run down

posted by  topofthecrew

Now wait just a freaking minute. In another thread someone asked a question no more inane (look in the dictionary) than yours above and this is how you replied;

"Hey buddy why are u asking other people what car would be the best tricked out. There is at least 10 kits for every car almost Just get somewhere around a 95-98 get a kit put the fart can on the back paint it a shinny color get a really loud system so people turn there head and look at your car as simple as that"

So let's use the same answer for you. Hey Buddy, why are you asking other people what to do? You say you've been "planning " to do an engine swap but you don't know what kind of engine, if you need a transaxle, and by your own admission don't know much about it. Other than having this astounding idea, exactly what "planning" have you done? It looks like diddly squat.

As for not knowing of a place that can do the swap, holy crap, you're in San Diego. You can't throw a rock without hitting a place that does rice engine swaps. Have you looked or are you waiting for them to come and knock on your door?

Bottom line is if you have a question to ask great, ask a sensible, thought out, answerable question. But don't rag on somebody else who is in the same catagory of clueless as you.

posted by  vwhobo

Sorry i didnt quite read over my post. But your right i havent done much planning. THat is why i was asking somebody about them if they have done it before. I know of i couple places but i was asking sort of if someone had one done in san diego and how that place treated them and how it turned out. But i dont know to much about engine swap and i dont know all what i need so i would like to know if anyone knows plz let me know

posted by  topofthecrew

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