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besides having aem's cold air intake and tanabe's exhaust my si is more hp would i gain by turbocharging it?

posted by  climaxx

Hi, I work for a company called TRTautotech and I could get you a turbo charger for your car. If interested give me a call at 718-819-0801. I got a couple in stock, but not to sure. Give us a call for any questions.

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Dude don't turbo charge it yet...finish out your exhaust system by getting headers...ceramic is the way to go if USUALLY...once you free up your exhaust, your engine will be getting more out of the other stuff you do to it
Go for DC Sports, Greddy, or if you have the money to, or find a great deal (like i did), buy MUGEN

posted by  ShiverEP

If he wants to turbo it WHY would the next thing he 'should buy' according to you should be a Header? That's dumb, something you'll get rid of eventually with a turbo setup...

Now's the perfect time for a Turbo setup, he doesnt have to really remove any parts (except for MAYBE that Intake :laughing: ) and they make TONS AND TONS of kits for near-stock and stock engines running 6-7psi.

My suggestion to you climaxx, get a turbo kit now if you have the money. Will benefit you way more from that than a few more Bolt ons.

posted by  thunderbird1100

No, do not go with a trubo setup, there is still alot of preparing you need to do to be able to withhold a forced induction engine... First, try to find a larger intake manifold, throttle body, and ecu... Also a high-flow cat. This will allow for alot of extra air flow...
Next, you need to worry about the pressure the turbo is going to push... On a honda you should probobly get a copper head gasket, IM gasket, and EM gasket...
Finally worry about Fuel System and Internals... Low compression pistons, AEM Fuel rail, Pressure regulators, car gears... The list goes on forever... A turbo should be the last step...
I know that you are a new-b, but you should deffinatly understand every part of the car youre going to upgrade, and a turbo is a very large mod...

posted by  KA24DE-T

Almost 90% of the kits they make are for perfectly stock engines. He should have no problems running 6-7psi on a small-midsized turbo. Good enough for a good 40-60fwhp, but really no immediate harm to the motor. I've been around Hondas and seen every kind of turbo setup on almost every Honda motor known...pretty much everything down a 90hp D15 will take 6-7psi with these kits they make, and do it very reliably. The only ones we get that come back with blown engines or other engine related issues are the one's who decide to crank the boost up on thier stock motors. He could just as easily buy a kit now (if he has the money) and upgrade as he goes along.

posted by  thunderbird1100

6-7PSi should be fine... But theres plenty of other stuff to do!

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posted by  speedy266

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